TERS Probes

TESR Probe NanoRaman Picture

Reliable, efficient TERS probes for AFM-Raman imaging

STM-TERS tips and AFM-TERS tips are available for the HORIBA NanoRaman platform.

The TERS probes allow all modes of TERS operation: Top, side and bottom optical access.

Segment: Scientific
Division: Molecular and Microanalysis
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS

Made of bulk noble metal (STM tips) or with a multilayer coating on AFM tips, the TERS probes are delivered in a protective package to maximize shelf-life.

Today, Silver coated TERS tips, Gold coated AFM-TERS tips and Gold STM-TERS tips are available (the same STM tips can be glued on tuning forks for both Shear-force and Normal-force microcopies).

Proven TERS reliability and efficiency on TERS test sample.

The HORIBA TERS probes are guaranteed to produce Raman signal enhancement at 633/638 nm on a reliable test sample crafted to easily show this performance.

Guaranteed performance of 9 out of 10 probes to reach > 40 contrast (tip down (near-field Raman) versus tip up (far-field Raman)), leading to an enhancement factor EF up to 106 with the OMNI TERS probes.

More than the amplification of the signal, the real proof of TERS is the nano-resolution. The STM-TERS probes and AFM-TERS probes will perform a routine 15 nm resolution using our test sample and even below.

 TERS mapping of a single carbon nanotube showing an optical spatial resolution down to 8 nm confirmed from the section analysis of the intensity of the TERS bands.

For this purpose, HORIBA proposes a test sample of dispersed single-walled Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) together with Graphene Oxide flakes (GO) with a distribution range allowing easy imaging.

GO, SWCNTs and fullerenes C60 co-deposited on gold. (a) Combined TERS map 4x4 µm, 128 pixels per line, 100ms per pixel. Individual maps showing the distribution of components, (b) graphene oxide, (c) fullerenes C60, (d) CNTs. All carbon species can be detected and resolved.


Reliable TERS probes for a “TERS proven” system!

Because HORIBA integrates key SPM technology from AIST-NT, and because we have performed extensive development and testing, we are confident our instrumentation offers the highest performance on the market and we are able to guarantee TERS imaging and spatial nano-resolution ; and we show it on field!

On the installation of the NanoRaman equipment, the nano-resolution is shown by our Service team and the user gets a first TERS training. A TERS procedure, explaining the step-by-step operation to obtain TERS imaging is also provided.

Because we know that experience is acquired over time, we propose additional on site Application TERS trainings and an “Advanced TERS training” session in our Raman center of excellence in France.


OMNI TERS Brochure
Size 1.03 MB


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