Yumizen SPS

HORIBA Medical_Hematology Blood Analysis_Yumizen H2500_Yumizen SPS_Yumizen P8000_Picture

The reference in fully automated smearing and staining


  • Intelligent mode of use
  • Compact analyzer
  • User and results security
  • Standardized Quality of blood smears
  • Turn Around Time (TAT) optimized
  • Defined working practice
  • Ideal match for the digital microscopic systems




Segment: Medical
Division: Hematology
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA ABX SAS


  • High throughput: 120 slides per hour
  • Continuous loading
  • Whole blood 75µl sampling
  • Automatic maintenance




Weight132 lb / 60 kg
Power supply100 V to 240 V (+- 10%), 50 Hz to 60 Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D)17.3 x 35.8 x 28.3 (in) / 44 x 91 x 72 (cm)
Throughput120 slides per hour
Capacity160 slides loader (continuous loading)
Staining protocolMay Grunwald Giemsa and Wright
MaintenanceAutomatic cycles


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