Blending: It is Never as Easy as it First Appears

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Webinar Description

While seemingly simple, blending can provide many surprising challenges. Each type of process; including dry blending, powder blending with added liquids, or the blending of micro ingredients, contains unique issues. In this webinar, Dr. Willie Hendrickson of AVEKA, Inc. will include an overview of segregation during blending, types of mixers used, and a number of practical examples of blending issues and challenges.

AVEKA, Inc. was founded as a spin off from 3M in 1994 as a particle processing company. The focus of AVEKA has been to develop and manufacture materials with novel and value added attributes for the food and industrial markets. While focused on spray drying, grinding, agglomeration and microencapsulation, it is often faced with the need to blend materials. A short overview of AVEKA will be presented.

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