Improved Visualization Counting and Sizing of Polydisperse Nanoparticle Colloids

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The ViewSizer® 3000 offers the ability to visualize nanoparticle colloids without requiring calibration standards or knowledge of any particle material properties, such as refractive index. It was developed by MANTA – the Most Advanced Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis – and offers the user an unprecedented ability to count and size highly polydispersed samples, such as milk, sea water, or blood plasma.

The ViewSizer® also excels at:

  • Monitoring particle kinetic processes such as aggregation and dissolution, including proteins and other biomaterials.

  • Creating fluorescent measurements with three different excitation wavelengths (exosomes tagged with stained antibodies).

  • Viscosity measurements (neat proteins).

  • Sizing of larger particles (up to 15 microns diameter) by sinking or floating.

All results are presented as raw histograms, with no fitting or other manipulations of data such as smoothing or extrapolation.

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