Electric Vehicle Charge Monitor

Measure Electrical Recharge Energy following WLTP EV Range Tests with Ease.

The EV Charge Meter provides a standalone monitoring station at each vehicle charging station and can be wired in line with and prior to the vehicle’s battery high voltage charger. The meter provides various monitoring functions to show power consumption, such as voltage and current used in a recharge activity with the key regulatory required measurement being eAC (total recharge energy).

The product measures the power consumed by the vehicle and charger, connected in line of the 3-Phase mains supply. The maximum current of charge is rated at 63A. The user will have an option to start the test, enter vehicle details and the recharge monitor will log, and display live plus average:

  • Voltage per phase
  • Current per phase
  • Power Consumption per phase and total consumption (eAC)

EVCM-ONE | Electric Vehicle Charge Monitor 

  • WLTP & Class 1 IEC 62053-21 compliant
  • Electrical energy (Wh) accuracy of ±0.5%
  • Compatible with all EV chargers up to 63A supply
  • Charge event report generation
  • Fully integrated to STARS VETS
  • User lockable charging for added security


The system measurement can be started and stopped by either the operator or optionally from the test automation and the system will lock out the measurement via a user log in prompt until complete. The station will identify itself and the measurement module via location and serial number along with vehicle details which are included in the measurement reports. The system will generate two log files, one will be a .CSV file of the instantaneous measurement during the recharge and the second will be a test report showing the cumulative results and the eAC value.

Once the user has selected to stop the test, there will be an option to save the data and export into a CSV or a PDF report (The device has the capacity to store locally the last 10 measurements with the option to export data onto an external result server). There will also be an option to send the data via TCP/IP AK protocol directly to the test automation for integration into a test report.

The product is capable of being controlled via TCP/IP AK protocol which is the ‘remote’ mode of the product. This means that a data capturing system can request all of the data available at 10Hz and start / stop the test. The product can communicate with STARS VETS & development work is underway for STARS Enterprise integration.

EV Meter Power Connector3-Phase 63Amp Connector
Normal Input Voltage for EV Meter100 …. 400VAC
Input Voltage Range for EV Meter±20 %
Input Current for EV Meter≤ 63 A
Frequency Range for EV Meter45 … 65 Hz
System Power ConnectorIEC Plug 1-phase 13Amp Connector
Normal Input Voltage for System Power100 …. 240VAC
Input Voltage Range for System Power±20 %
Frequency Range for EV Meter45 … 65 Hz
Input Current for EV Meter≤ 13 A
EV Meter Power CapturingWAGO 2857-570/024-001
EV Meter Accuracy0.5% error (EN 61869-2)
Touch Screen with Built in PC• 15.5” touchscreen
• Intel Atom E3845 1.9GHz processor
• 256GB SSD · 8GB RAM
• Windows 10 IoT
Connections / Connectors• LAN connector for TCP/IP AK
• USB connector to download data
• Gland (hardwired), supply the power for
the meter
• Gland (hardwired), supply power to EV
• IEC plug, supply power to system control
Product Safety• Mains Isolator
• Power ON LED
Product Weight50KG Approx.
Product Size800x600x300
UPSUPS backup to save data in event of power

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