STARS VETS - Emissions Testing
STARS VETS - Driver's Aid

Test Automation Software for Emission Testing

The added complexity associated with RDE calibration or new regulations like Euro 7, and testing of electrified powertrain (PEV, HEV) is made simple. Thanks to an intuitive user interface and excellent usability of STARS VETS for emission testing.

STARS VETS is a Vehicle Emission Test Software application available with the STARS platform for chassis, engine and powertrain dynamometers. The application provides test cycle execution, emissions equipment control, results calculation and reporting in compliance with the different legislative standards throughout the global regions. Its flexible design offers a wide range a customization, and it addresses the various requirements for R&D, COP and certification testing. 


Segment: Automotive
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Test Automation Ltd.
Key benefits  
  • Excellent usability 
  • High flexibility 
  • Compliance with latest region-specific legislative standards 
  • Set of features for RDE calibration 
  • Set of features for electrified powertrain testing 


  • Compliance with latest region-specific legislative standards (WLTP, 40 CFR 1066, etc.) 
  • Optimized control of standard equipment for emissions testing 
  • Transparent test status display and device operation 
  • Easy integration of new equipment 
  • Analysis Inspector to graphically view and maintain test results calculations  
  • Analysis Auditor for external audit trail of test results 
  • Fully configurable Driver’s Aid system 
  • Excellent usability thanks to user-friendly editors 
  • Built-in validation routine to avoid running incorrectly configure tests 
  • High flexibility and customization provided by the STARS Automation platform 
  • Features package for PEV testing 
  • Features package for HEV testing 
  • Features package for RDE calibration testing 
  • WLTP gearshift point calculation 
  • Road load adjustment and verification procedure 
  • Device quality assurance checks (leak checks, CFO check, etc.) 
  • Off-line test preparation  
  • Integration with STARS Enterprise platform 

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