Detection of birch pollen allergen in the air

Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging

Over 20% of the European population suffers from respiratory allergies. Many factors can cause these immune dysfunctions.

The purpose of this proof of concept is to show that Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging (SPRi) is a suitable technique to detect allergens. Compared with other techniques, such as ELISA or Luminex, which are based on colorimetric or fluorescence detection, this technology does not require the labeling of antibodies. We focus here on the real-time detection, in a multiplex format, of a recombinant birch pollen allergen (rBet v 1) and a natural birch pollen allergen (Bet v 1) contained in pollen grains by monitoring the kinetics of the interaction between an anti-Bet v 1 antibody and the birch pollen allergens. 

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