Tips & Tricks for Fluorescence Spectroscopy

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Are you looking to enhance your proficiency in fluorescence spectroscopy and make the most out of your experiments? Look no further. Our comprehensive library of short, informative videos is designed to provide you with invaluable tips and tricks that will take your fluorescence spectroscopy skills to the next level.

Our expert presenters, who are leading scientists in the field, will guide you through practical tips, hands-on demonstrations, and troubleshooting strategies that can save you valuable time and resources. You'll learn how to optimize instrument settings, interpret fluorescence spectra accurately, overcome common challenges, and avoid pitfalls that may hinder your progress.

HORIBA's Multi-Model Predictor Tool

Adam Gilmore, Ph.D., and HORIBA applications scientist shows you how to use HORIBA’s multi-model predictor tool to easily upload and analyze data from your Aqualog A-TEEM and Eigenvector Solo.

Importing from Excel to Eigenvector Solo

Learn how to import class ID and concentration information from Excel and Eigenvector Solo to facilitate building concentration prediction models, featuring Adam Gilmore, Ph.D., and HORIBA applications scientist.

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