Characterizing Nanobubbles with Multi-Laser NTA

Nanobubbles, with their unique properties and vast potential in various fields, have captured scientific interest. But accurately characterizing their size and concentration remains a challenge. Utilizing the ViewSizer 3000 from HORIBA, the Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) technique offers a groundbreaking solution for researchers seeking to unravel the secrets of nanobubbles.

NTA provides a visual and statistical analysis of individual nanoparticles in suspension. By analyzing the light scattered by each particle as it moves under Brownian motion, NTA determines their size distribution and concentration with exceptional precision.

This empowers researchers to gain a deeper understanding of nanobubbles, paving the way for advancements in their generation and application.

Webinar Replay - Advancing the Frontiers of Nanotechnology: Innovation in Nanobubble Generation (Part 1)

Pure NanoTech Webinar (Part 2)

September 2024

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Pure NanoTech Webinar (Part 3)

November 2024

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Why Three Laser Simultaneously

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