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SPEX Forensics algorithms used to solve cold cases

PrintQuest™ Systems include both the Automated Fingerprint Identification and Automated Palmprint Identification capabilities.

In one case, using an innovation created by SPEX Forensics, a division of HORIBA Instruments, a suspect was subsequently linked by fingerprints to 32 different outstanding felony cases.

An act of mercy in Baltimore

HandScope HS LED

How a team of nurses revolutionized the investigation of strangulation cases in the area of domestic assault.

Forensic light sources nab the suspects

CrimeScope CS-16-500W

Alternative light sources used by crime scene investigators help them identify evidence left by suspects at a crime scene.

Alternative light sources and AFIS help identify murder suspects

fingerprint identified by an alternative light source

The Indian River Sheriff’s Department in Vero Beach uses alternate forensic light sources for their investigations every day.

Fingerprint identifications lead to killers

Forensic light source

Back at the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Department, crime scene investigators processed the tickets with chemicals to make any fingerprints on them visible. 

Medical examiner department ID’s evidence with alternative light sources

Heidi Nichols, a forensic photographer with the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner's office

Alternative light sources are typically used in crime scene investigation and post mortem examinations to identify many forms of evidence.

Can Raman microscopy reveal art forgeries?

Jackson Pollock painting

In a quiet NYC neighborhood, a frustrated artist created forgeries of America’s Modernistic masters. Raman Spectroscopy did him in.

Raman breakthrough recovers erased serial numbers from plastic guns

Superimposed image of the pixels, showing the Raman information extracted and analyzed.

The proliferation of cheap plastic guns have made recovering sanded-off serial numbers a problem. What works for metal doesn’t for polymers. Raman may have an answer.

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