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The Raman XPerience is HORIBA's newsletter offered to anyone interested in Raman imaging and spectroscopy, whether they are beginner or experts in this technique. It is an opportunity for HORIBA to connect with the community of Raman enthusiasts, and share new information about applications, products, webinars, articles, etc. This page presents the latest Raman XPerience newsletter issues, in a free, downloadable form. You can also directly access the application-oriented articles that are offered on a regular basis.

If you'd like to keep up to date and share our passion for the Raman technique, we invite you to use the following link and subscribe to the Raman XPerience newsletter:

Raman XPerience Latest Issues

Previous Raman XPerience issues

Nov. 2023: Discover the role of Raman for Airbone Particulate Matters
Oct-Nov. 2023: Unleashing the potential of Raman in various fields of cosmetics
Sept. 2023: Raman imaging and spectrometers, the ultimate Raman microscopes and spectrometers
Jul-Aug. 2023: Raman and Microplastics
Jun. 2023: Discover applications in video
May 2023: Learn more with the Webinar Educational Series
Apr. 2023: HORIBA Scientific expands the LabRAM family

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