ICP Software

  • ICP Neo software for HORIBA Scientific ICP-OES spectrometers is designed to facilitate method development, samples measurements and results management.
  • ICP Neo is compliant with new Microsoft platforms and delivers powerful tools for samples measurement with new HDD mode integrated for standard measurement, advanced  Quality Control Protocols and retrospective analysis with respect to the integrity of raw results to match with good laboratory practices requirements.




Segment: Scientific
Division: ICP-OES
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS
  • Available for all Ultima family ICP-OES spectrometers.
  • CPU05 electronics is required. All other HORIBA Scientific ICP-OES an electronic upgrade is available.
  • Method development
    • Interference free lines by visual display using S3 wavelengths database
    • Unique HDD mode to remove the need for optimization of High Voltage
    • Multiple measurement parameters with Gaussian, Maximum and Mean mode
    • Multiple calibration mode
  • Sequence
    • SmartRinse for automatic monitoring of rinse efficiency between 2 samples
    • Automatic control of the quality with limits on correlation coefficient and on recalculated concentrations
    • Use of multiple methods in a single sequence
  • Results
    • Archive capability
    • Reprocess capability with integrity of raw results
    • Reports with user’s selectable data
    • Customization of reports with logo, instrument name…
    • Print and export results for LIMS
  • Quality Control Protocols
    • Fully US EPA compliant QC protocols with ICV, CCV, LCS, Interference Check, Paired samples, Spikes, and more.
    • Automated actions in case of value out of specifications from stop analysis to calibrate and repeat samples from the last valid QC
  • Ease of use
    • Multiple users capability
    • Contextual tool bar adapting the content with the window selected
    • User defined windows display on the screen with possibility to hide windows
    • User defined maintenance warnings
    • Diagnostics
      • Real-time information on instrument status with filter selection, slits positions, grating
      • position and PMT selection
      • Zero order and Reference acquisition with graphic display

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