Ultima Expert

Ultima Expert HORIBA

High resolution, high sensitivity and high stability ICP-OES

HORIBA Scientific develops and manufactures high performance ICP-OES spectrometers for more than 35 years. 
The new Ultima Expert is a unique combination of ultimate performance with comprehensive assistance tools designed to simplify method  development. 
Ultima Expert integrates high efficiency Jobin Yvon optical design capable to achieve optimal performance for a large variety of sample types  
and matrices.
Ultima Expert is driven by the powerful Analyst software featuring a large variety  of analytical functionalities for tailored control and analysis. 
The robustness of the Ultima Expert makes it ideal for applications common to mining, chemicals manufacture, salt production, wear metals in oil analysis, petrochemical, metallurgical production and precious metal refining.
Gain in efficiency with the Ultima Expert for your most demanding needs!

Сегмент: Scientific
Подразделение: ICP-OES
Производитель: HORIBA France SAS

High resolution, high sensitivity and high stability ICP-OES spectrometer

  • The Ultima Expert offers the highest performance on the market and is specially designed to handle the most challenging applications.
  • Its high quality optical design which integrates a high density holographic grating and one meter focal length associated with the unique Total Plasma View feature offers the highest resolution of the market along with high sensitivity and stability for the most demanding applications.
  • Radial viewing and Total Plasma View providing lowest detection limits in ICP-OES spectrometry
  • Unique sheath gas feature for unrivaled stability on samples with High Total Dissolved Solids content, up to 30% dissolved solids
  • Continuous wavelength coverage from 120 to 800 nm with Far UV option for improved sensitivity for halogens analysis or alternative wavelengths
  • Unmatched spectral resolution minimizing interferences with <5 pm for wavelengths in the range 120-320 nm
  • Optional dual grating system, offering <6pm resolution up to 450 nm for line-rich matrices such as rare earth elements, geological or precious metals applications
  • Unique HiStab device to achieve exceptional stability for demanding applications
  • Patented HDD® detection providing sub-ppb to percent level in a single analysis
  • Dynamic range of up to 10 orders of magnitude using Image
  • Optional 0.5m or 1m polychromator for simultaneous analysis


Image Navigator

  • Image Navigator is designed for semi-quantitative analysis thanks to full spectrum acquisition.
  • Full spectrum display with multiple spectra display capability
  • Visual comparison with overlaid spectra display capability
  • Automated qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis


MASTER, find easily the right wavelengths

  • MASTER facilitates the method development by performing automatically selection of appropriate lines according to the concentration range of each element and the matrix. MASTER is based on the proprietary S3-base developed with real ICP spectra acquisitions and containing more than 50,000 wavelengths identified with full spectroscopic data.
    • Automatic wavelength selection
    • Synthetic spectra display
    • Sensitivity, dynamic range and interference level criteria to adjust line selection


S3-base viewer

  • S3-base viewer displays the entire S3-base database to help with identification of emission lines in unknown samples.
    • Full S3-base database available
    • Display of analyte wavelength and its relative intensity and detection limit
    • Display of the list of potential emission lines, including plasma inherent lines, in the vicinity of a selected wavelength with their relative intensities and detection limits
    • Graphic display of analyte emission line and potential emission lines for facilitated identification



GeneratorSolid state, 40.68 MHz, water-cooled
TorchFully demountable torch, 3 mm internal diameter alumina injector, glass inner and outer tubes
Sample introductionConcentric glass nebulizer and glass cyclonic spray chamber, 3 channels peristaltic pump, sheath gas device
Optical systemThermally stabilized, 1 meter focal length, 2400 g/mm grating used in 1st and 2nd order with optical resolution <5 pm for 120-320 nm and <11 pm for 320-800 nm
Optional dual grating system with 4320 g/mm and 2400 g/mm used in the 1st order with optical resolution <6 pm for 120-450 nm and <11 pm for 450-800 nm.
Optional0.5m or 1m polychromator
DetectionPatented HDD system
Brine Analysis with the Ultima Expert ICP-OES
Brine Analysis with the Ultima Expert ICP-OES
The analysis of brines can be easily performed using the Ultima Expert. Low detection limits are obtained due to the ability of the system to perform the analysis without any dilution thanks to the 3 mm i.d. injector associated with radial viewing and the Total Plasma view that minimize matrix effects and enhance sensitivity. The sheath gas device allows perfect short and long-term stability of the system for routine analysis, without any internal standard, recalibration, or drift correction procedure. Good long term stability allows the use of the best plasma parameters and integration times for enhanced performance.
Very Rapid Analysis of Supply Water, Sludge From Purification Station and Animal Food
Very Rapid Analysis of Supply Water, Sludge From Purification Station and Animal Food
ICP-OES is multielement technique that allows for the fast analysis of more than 75 elements on the Periodic Table in a variety of matrices. This application note examines the analysis of six water and animal food samples.

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