Primary Metals

Fast, easy and safe control of Zn-Ni galvanization baths with MESA-50, a portable EDXRF
Fast, easy and safe control of Zn-Ni galvanization baths with MESA-50, a portable EDXRF
The EDXRF technique is used for the elemental analysis not only of solids, but also of liquids such as plating solution thanks to dedicated sample cells. This specific example shows the ability of MESA-50 for electrolytic baths follow-up by characterizing the degradation of Zn-Ni galvanization baths.
Hydrogen Analysis in steel and metals: Solid Extraction or Fusion
Sample Preparation and Sampling Methods for the Gas Analysis of Steel
Quality Assurance for the Analysis of Steel by Gas Component Analysis
Measurement of Carbon in Ferrosilicon
Ferrosilicon is added as a deoxidant and as an alloying element to steel, that require a special low carbon content. The Low Carbon in Ferrosilicon decreases the electrical conductivity and magnetostriction of electrical steels.
Micro-XRF analysis for metal debris and particle analysis
Fast analysis of microscopic metal particles is an important application for engineering (e.g. engine wear analysis). Micro-XRF scanning and spot analysis of specific fragments identifies their chemical composition.


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