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Quantitative Analysis of Low-concentration Hydrogen Content in Titanium Alloy
Can we perform quantitative analysis of hydrogen in a titanium alloy to prevent hydrogen embrittlement?
Trace oxygen analysis in copper
To quickly and accurately quantify the oxygen contained as trace impurities in copper.
Oxygen and Nitrogen determination in Boron Nitride
This application note will show the relevance of the EMGA-920 to measure high levels of nitrogen while simultaneously determininig low levels of Oxygen with good precision.
Hydrogen Analysis in steel and metals: Solid Extraction or Fusion
Oxygen and Nitrogen determination in Aluminium Nitride
This application note will show the relevance of the EMGA-920 to measure high level of Nitrogen while maintaining the needed precision for Oxygen determination in AIN.
The Hydrogen Analysis of Solid Samples
Each year the marketplace sees increasing demands for the analysis of hydrogen contained in various sample materials.
Measurement of Carbon and Sulfur in Copper
Copper in reddish metal, it is malleable, ductile and an extremely good conductor of both heat and electricity. Copper metal is widely used for electrical wiring, water piping, and corrosion resistant parts, either pure or in alloy such as brass and bronze. Carbon and Sulfur are considered as impurities, so it is important to measure and check the Copper purity.
Micro-XRF analysis for metal debris and particle analysis
Fast analysis of microscopic metal particles is an important application for engineering (e.g. engine wear analysis). Micro-XRF scanning and spot analysis of specific fragments identifies their chemical composition.
Liquid in situ Fluorescence Measurements
No need to sample—simply take your readings directly in place in locations such as reaction vessels Collecting samples during a continuous process can be tedious and even dangerous if hazardous materials are involved.


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