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Quantitative analysis of carbon and sulfur in tires
To accurately and quickly measure the amount of carbon and sulfur contained in the material.
Rapid Polymer Identification of Fishing Gear Using Raman Spectroscopy
Raman spectra of nylon 6, nylon 11, nylon 12, nylon 6,6, nylon 6,9, nylon 6,10 and nylon 6,12 recorded with HORIBA’s MacroRAM benchtop Raman spectrometer. Reference nylon materials were sourced from PolySciences, Inc.
Plastic pollution from fishing gear is a global problem that harms the environment. Recycling of damaged or abandoned fishing gear is one way of mitigating the issue, however the exact nature of the polymer must be known in order to identify the correct recycling stream. In this paper, the MacroRAM benchtop Raman spectrometer with remote BallProbe® is used to quickly identify plastics used in various gillnet samples. Raman spectroscopy is demonstrated to be an excellent technique for identifying not only different types of polymers, but also different variants within a polymer class and additives including pigments.
Measurement of Sulfer in Rubber
Sulfer is added in the natural rubber to produce plastic materials. However, it is important to measure the sulfer contained in the rubber to define the chemical and mechanical properties of the final product.
Temperature check during injection molding
Temperature check during injection molding
Characterization of protective mask fibers by Raman microscopy
Characterization of protective mask fibers by Raman microscopy
Due to Covid-19, a wide choice of protective masks are now on the market. These types of masks are distinguished, in particular, by their different efficiencies linked to their filtration capacity. These differences in protective properties have therefore made it essential to characterize the composition of the masks. In this paper, we present why LabRAM Soleil™ confocal Raman multimode microscope is the perfect tool for studying the distribution and composition of mask fibers.
Temperature management in the process of kneading rubber
Temperature management in the process of kneading rubber
Characterization of Barrier Layers for Packaging Applications


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