HORIBA reorganizes its EU operations

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HORIBA Jobin Yvon SAS Merges with its Subsidiary, HORIBA FRANCE SARL.
The New Company will be known as HORIBA FRANCE SAS.

HORIBA Jobin Yvon SAS, a world leader in instrumentation for materials science and bio-pharmacy as well as high performance optical components, merged with its subsidiary HORIBA FRANCE SARL, an industry leader for the measurement of emissions of automotive combustion gases, pollutant emissions from industrial processes and air quality on January 3, 2017.

By combining their resources, the new company, HORIBA FRANCE SAS, who is a wholly owned subsidiary of HORIBA, Ltd. in Japan, will be better able to anticipate the rapid changes in their respective markets, and to provide innovative solutions and services.

The JOBIN YVON brand, which will celebrate its 200th anniversary in 2019, is recognized worldwide for the unique performance of its scientific instrumentation. It will continue to carry out techniques such as Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy and diffraction gratings, and will develop on this basis specialized applications dedicated to industrial R&D.

This merger leverages the scientific know-how and knowledge of specific European process, environment and automotive markets. Thanks to its commitment and cooperation with the largest research centers in the world, HORIBA FRANCE SAS is positioned to advance the evolution of the HORIBA Group, as well as its investments in Europe. Its establishment in the scientific cluster of PARIS-SACLAY promotes open innovation, and increased development in the world of digital technologies.

James Thépot, President, and Jean-Pierre Surin, General Manager of HORIBA FRANCE SAS stated:
“We are proud to have led this merger with all our employees who are determined to the HORIBA Group, in France and in Europe. The values that the HORIBA Group cultivates, put the customer at the heart of its action, and our adaptability and proximity to them are of the utmost importance”.

This merger does not entail any operational changes for existing customers and suppliers of the two previous entities.

    HORIBA FRANCE SAS, headquartered in Longjumeau, France, brings together the activities of the Scientific, Process & Environmental and Automotive Test Systems segments, and provides an extensive array of instruments and customized solutions. Our instruments are found in universities and industries around the world. Proven quality and trusted performance have established widespread confidence in the HORIBA Brand. Based on the scientific know-how and knowledge of specific European, process, environment and automotive markets, HORIBA FRANCE SAS aims to develop innovative solutions based on cutting-edge technology products and systems.
    Headquarters : 16-18, rue du Canal, 91165 Longjumeau Cedex, France
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    The HORIBA Group of worldwide companies, part of HORIBA, Ltd. headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, provides an extensive array of instruments and systems for applications ranging from automotive R&D, process and environmental monitoring, in-vitro medical diagnostics, semiconductor manufacturing and metrology to a broad range of scientific R&D and QC measurements. Proven quality and trustworthy performance have established widespread confidence in the HORIBA brand.

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