Product Release: HandScope LED Multi-Wavelength Forensic Light Source

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SPEX Forensics, an HORIBA Scientific company, just announced the launch of their new HandScope® LED (HS-LED-5F).  Designed to overcome the major short comings of LED based alternate light sources, the HandScope® LED incorporates 5 Wavelengths with one output providing for a well-defined, coherent illumination spot.

The incorporation of 5 Wavelengths allows the user to change wavelengths like a modern forensic light source, without the need of having multiple units or components handy.

Additionally the HandScope® LED is shockingly intense. Packed with multiple LEDs per color, each wavelength produces exceptional power, causing fluorescence for the application associated with each wavelength.

“The new HandScope® LED is by far the easiest light source to use,” said Jon Goldey, Forensic Instrument Specialist, SPEX Forensics.  “It is bright, and incredibly light, weighing in at less than 3 pounds.”

The HS-LED-5F kit includes: Main unit with a 25,000 Hour Rated LED Engine, 5 wavelengths: UV (365), 440, 460, CSS (Crime Scene Search), 520, 4 pairs of goggles (1 UV protection, 1 yellow, 1 orange, 1 red), 3 - 62 mm dia. camera filters (Yellow, Orange, Red), 110-220 VAC power supply for main unit and an external charger, a Lithium Battery, and rugged carrying case.

SPEX Forensics manufactures this unit under ISO9001 standards and offers a one year warranty.   For product information, please go to:  HandScope HS LED.

HandScope HS LED
HandScope HS LED