Honorable Mention Winnerʼs Article: Application and Management of Hydrogen Energy Technology Toward the Solar Cell Based Distributed Electricity Grid

Created by Kei HASEGAWA* | |   Technical Reports

*Tokyo Institute of Technology

The renewable energy-based energy mix is strongly desired, but the gap between the electricity demand/supply will increase, so the energy storage in a distributed grid is expected as key technologies. At the same time, the technology to forecast and control the demand/supply are also required. Based on these two research works, the availability of the hydrogen energy storage and the technological issues were discussed. By using annual, 1-min resolution energy data in the smart energy system “ENE-Swallow” which is applied in Tokyo Institute of Technology, the energy balance in the future distributed grid with a large-scale solar cell was estimated. Also, based on the solid oxide fuel cell kinetics model on triple phase boundary, the comprehensive model of reversible fuel cell / electrolysis is discussed to predict the electrolysis performance from that of the fuel cell.

The image (a) and photographs (b) of a four electrode SOFC/EC cell. (c) Cross sectional SEM image of porous anode on YSZ electrolyte.