Portable gas analyzer series wins the German Design Award 2015

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The PG-300 series, a lineup of portable gas analyzers, won the German Design Award 2015, one of the most prestigious design awards in the world.

Overview of the award-winning product series

The PG-300 Series of portable analyzers are used to measure the concentrations of gas constituents in exhaust flue gas resulting from combustion processes and boilers, etc. Having acquired certification in Europe (EN15267-3), the PG-300 Series is robust yet lightweight, and is easily transported to sampling locations. The analyzers comprising the PG-300 Series retain high precision and reliability and are designed to be placed in close proximity of the sample point. The unit’s display is angled allowing users to easily read the LCD display even in bright sunlight. The fonts and colors have been selected to enhance the visibility. Additionally, the operation guidelines can be displayed in eight languages, making the unit a truly global analyzer and “smart partner” for emissions monitoring.

About the German Design Award

The German Design Award is organized annually by the German Design Council. To be considered by the German Design Council, a product must have received at least one other international design award. Before being nominated for the German Design Award, the PG-300 Series received the 2014 iF Product Design Award which is another German design award. Due to rigorous screening and the level of competition among 2,250 nominated products, the German Design Award is referred to as; “The Award of Awards.” The German Design Council determined the design of the PG-300, embodies the Council’s commitment to recognizing elegant yet functional manufacturing designs.

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