HORIBA Medical Becomes a Member of the French Healthcare Association

HORIBA Medical is pleased to announce that the company became a member of the French Healthcare Association in January 2024.

The French Healthcare Association was established by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs in 2018 as a non-profit organization to promote French healthcare know-how and technologies internationally. The association leads networking and international visibility opportunities for members, bringing together around 300 members from manufacturers, health institutions, research institutes, and professional organizations. 

HORIBA Medical, located its center of excellence in Montpellier France, has been a major player in in-vitro diagnostics for over 40 years by providing instruments, reagents, and services in Hematology, Hemostasis, and Clinical Chemistry tests for laboratory and medical settings. HORIBA Medical is proud to contribute to promoting French excellence internationally and continue its commitment to healthcare as a member of this association.

The French Healthcare Association: https://frenchhealthcare-association.fr/en/



French Healthcare Association Logo