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Growing challenges with regard to environmental policy have profoundly changed the demands made on vehicle and engine emissions measurement in the last few years.

For example, the measurement of CO, HC, NOX and particulate matter was implemented as a standard process for industrial engines. In addition, HORIBA proactively develops new techniques for measuring emissions such as exhaust particles, NH3 and other components which have not yet been regulated. The introduction of the HORIBA ONE PLATFORM in 2012 laid the foundation for the modern display and processing of the measurement data generated.

Clear structures

All devices belonging to the HORIBA ONE family can be integrated into the HORIBA ONE PLATFORM. In other words, the user profits from a uniform operating interface in all units, such as those for emissions measurement (MEXA-ONE and OBS-ONE), sampling (CVS-ONE) or particulate measurement (DLS-ONE). The software effortlessly meets an extremely wide range of test requirements and offers test automation options for effective emissions measurement. After installation, it is easy to integrate additional functions into the system. Thus, constant extensions and adaptations allow users to react flexibly to changing measuring requirements. This puts the platform in a position to realize future demands. The demands made on the equipment in the test centers, the availability of the equipment and the consistent quality of the measuring results rise in step with the more and more refined measuring methods used. Here HORIBA offers its customers a solution in the form of the newly developed LabMonitoring system. The modular concept allows complex customer-specific requirements to be implemented, and thanks to the open architecture, it can also be used flexibly for heterogeneous test fields. In this way, the user can extensively visualize and document the interplay of the individual components and thus influence the processes in advance with regard to quality control.

Individual flexibility

With HORIBA ONE PLATFORM systems, LabMonitoring accesses a defined subset of the process data, visualizes and evaluates it. In addition, the user profits from the flexible data display options. He can easily adapt the display to meet his individual needs and is for example able to display the current status of all HORIBA ONE PLATFORM devices (MEXA-ONE, CVS-ONE etc.) on one monitor. A further advantage are the different degrees of detail possible in the display: besides acquiring a general overview of the existing measuring technology, the user can go into the details of a certain device as deeply as desired as well as access and visualize information – all from his workplace. In other words, he can monitor the status and the activity of the plant infrastructure in a convenient way from a central vantage point. With the help of the system remote control, necessary or preventive measures can be carried out directly from the application. The system also supports problem-oriented long-term analyses, for example by recording any desired MEXA data in configurable frequencies and units. With LabMonitoring, therefore, HORIBA provides all instruments necessary for monitoring and documenting the availability of the laboratory equipment.

 Screenshot of LabMonitoring tool
HORIBA’s newly developed data preparation tool allows users to extensively display and document the interplay of different HORIBA ONE PLATFORM devices as well as to influence the processes with regard to quality control.