Brake Point for HORIBA

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HORIBA to present extensive portfolio of brake test solutions at EuroBrake in The Hague, Netherlands, from May 22 to May 24 in the World Forum at booth 58

HORIBA, a leading supplier for emission measurement and automotive test systems, showcases their complete brake test solutions at this year’s EuroBrake, the world’s largest conference and exhibition focusing on braking technologies. Amongst the newest products and services, the HORIBA GIANT 6800 brake dynamometer and the newly developed “Brake Dust” prototype, the company presents brake-relevant elements of its new testing concept From the mountain peak to the HORIBA test cell for the first time. As part of the concept, HORIBA illustrates the complexity of today's automotive tests using the symbolic image of a mountain for vehicle tests and demonstrating how it can be moved into the laboratory.

With individual customer requirements for brake testing in mind, HORIBA offers a highly-convenient solution for dynamic test procedures with the GIANT 6800 inertia brake dynamometer. The system finds application in the simulation of vehicle speed or moment of inertia and is specialized for heavy-duty brakes up to the full size of a train brake. Offering various performance applications and extensions, GIANT 6800 for example enables basic Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH) investigations. HORIBA customers benefit from the manifold options of the dynamometer, which include reporting of a wide array of physical sizes such as torque, pressure, speed and temperature of brake components. This functional diversity makes the system suitable for a variety of individual testing requirements.

For the measurement of brake dust particles, HORIBA has pooled forces together with Audi Germany and other experts and developed a new test method for the exact counting of brake wear particles, the “Brake Dust” prototype. The new particle measurement principle takes brake dust measurement technology to the next level, building upon the proven HORIBA MEXA-2x00-SPCS (Solid Particle Counting System), and allowing for the analysis of brake dust pollutions per kilometer travelled. The prototype can easily be integrated into existing brake test systems and the STARS Brake automation software.

Customers can experience the concentrated know-how of HORIBA’s brake test solutions in the Brake Test Center in Flörsheim, near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The state-of-the-art test center which was initiated in cooperation with Hühoco ANT is equipped with the latest generation of inertia brake dynamometers for testing hydraulic brake systems, namely the GIANT Evo Universal, a very flexible test stand for performance tests together with NVH tests and a GIANT Evo NVH for noise and comfort investigations. All tests, performance and also noise tests, are carried out according to the customer's specifications. An array of professional services for contract testing complements the offer in Flörsheim. A GIANT 6200 High Performance will be available in late 2018, satisfying customers’ testing needs for premium car and van brakes.

At this year’s EuroBrake, Dr Dmytro Lugovyy, Research and Development Engineer at HORIBA Europe GmbH, will convey practical insights into the field of brake dust emissions, providing and discussing first outcomes of the “Brake Dust” prototype.

Title:                Brake Particle Emissions – Characterization of Brake Lining Materials
Lecturer:         D. Lugovyy
Date:               Thursday, May 24

Time:              10.40 a.m. – 12.20 a.m.

Brake Test Center Floersheim