HORIBA Boosts Development and Production of Optical Analysis and Measurement Instruments in the U.S.

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- HORIBA New Jersey Optical Spectroscopy Center to Open -

HORIBA, Ltd. (Head Office: Kyoto, Japan; hereinafter, “HORIBA”) announced today the relocation of its development and production center for optical analysis and measurement instruments. The relocation will take place within the U.S. state of New Jersey, moving from Edison to Piscataway, with the Center becoming fully operational on August 30. The HORIBA New Jersey Optical Spectroscopy Center is one of the locations of a HORIBA subsidiary, HORIBA Instruments Incorporated (Headquarters: Irvine, California, USA), and is responsible for the development, production, and sales of gratings, spectrometers, and photo-detectors for fluorescence analyzers and optical analyzers used for advanced research in the field of carbon nanotubes and other materials and biotechnology. In order to bolster its development and production functions, including its human power and equipment, the decision has been made to relocate the Center to a building whose total area is approximately 1.9 times larger than the previous one. Also housed in the new building are a showroom for customers and a space dubbed the “Application Lab,” where analysis may be conducted with customer-supplied samples for the purpose of interactive demonstrations, thus facilitating co-development with customers. In addition to its existing businesses of Automotive Test Systems, Process & Environmental, Medical, and Semiconductors, HORIBA will accelerate its drive to introduce analysis and measurement technologies to the ever-promising bio-life science field, with the goal of reaching 35.0 billion yen in net sales in the category of Scientific Business, as stated in its Mid-Long Term Management Plan.


Background to the relocation of the HORIBA New Jersey Optical Spectroscopy Center

Optical analysis and measurement technologies can, without contact, reveal the properties and conditions of substances that have undergone phenomena that occur when light is illuminated onto said substances, such as scattering, radiation, penetration, and absorption, and are generally used for advanced research. Recent years have seen a rising demand for advanced optical analysis for the purposes of increasing efficiency in the production processes of electronic components and other industrial products, enhancing reliability of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, and improving the accuracy of new bio-processes such as cell culturing. Against this backdrop, it has been decided to relocate and expand the Center by consolidating buildings for the fluorescence analyzer business and two other sites to bolster and build more efficient development and production functions, with a view toward further enhancing the Center’s advanced optical analysis and measurement technologies in order to swiftly meet the demand for burgeoning industrial applications.


Vicinity of the HORIBA New Jersey Optical Spectroscopy Center

The HORIBA New Jersey Optical Spectroscopy Center is located in New Jersey, in the northeastern United States. Clustered in the area are Rutgers University, which is known for its focus on the biotechnology field, several universities, and leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, making it an ideal location to undertake product development that caters to diverse needs. The State of New Jersey also plays host to vibrant economic activities in the areas of pharmaceuticals, chemical development, electrical appliances, communications, and food and agriculture, providing us with an environment where we can create new value.


About the New Jersey Optical Spectroscopy Center

Name:    HORIBA New Jersey Optical Spectroscopy Center
Location: 20 Knightsbridge Road, Piscataway, New Jersey 08854
Total building area: 12,292 m2 (1.9 larger than before)
Site area: 46,944 m2
Building structure: Single-storied
Headcount: 210
Investment: Approx. JPY2.1 billion

About the opening ceremony

The opening ceremony for the New Jersey Optical Spectroscopy Center will be held at 11:00 a.m. (EST), Thursday, August 30, 2018 with a total expected attendance of about 100 people, including Chairman & Group CEO Atsushi Horiba, President & COO Masayuki Adachi, and President COO Toshiya Higashino of HORIBA Instruments Incorporated (U.S.).


Selected list of the distinguished guests for the Ceremony

- Mr. Bob Smith, New Jersey State Senator
- Mr. Brian C. Wahler, Mayor, Piscataway, New Jersey
- Dr. Ed Castner, Rutgers University

HORIBA New Jersey Optical Spectroscopy Center
Vicinity of the HORIBA New Jersey Optical Spectroscopy Center