Most instruments feature a polychromator with Paschen Runge mounting for simultaneous measurement of the elements. This is mandatory when depth profile is central as in most Pulsed RF GD OES applications: the sputtering rate being extremely fast, the optical signals change rapidly with time and ultra fast detection is required.

Our optical spectrometers include a new generation of HORIBA Scientific holographic gratings with enhanced light efficiency, notably in the VUV range for H, O, Cl etc and patended HDD detectors.

Combined optics can also be found with monochromators added in complement to the polychromators. Being flexible, the monochromators could be tuned to any line and offer the possibility to measure extra elements with high resolution and sensitivity.

CCD systems are also available from HORIBA Scientific but limited to bulk applications or thick layers as they do not have the speed required for thin films characterisation.