What is Forensics?

Forensics sciences uses highly developed technologies such as imaging techniques, data analysis, spectroscopy and others, to uncover scientific evidences and answer questions of interest to the legal systems. Modern forensic science is used in civil cases such as forgeries, fraud or negligence. It helps law enforcement officials to determine whether any laws or regulations have been violated in the marketing of foods and drinks, the manufacture of medicines or the use of pesticides on crops. It also can determine whether automobile emissions are within a permissible level and whether drinking water meets legal purity requirements.

HORIBA manufactures a broad range of forensic instruments such as forensic light sources, reflective UV and automated fingerprint imaging and identification systems, Raman microscope and X-Ray Fluorescence, designed to be used at the crime scene and in the laboratory to analyze evidences.

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Micro-XRF analysis for metal debris and particle analysis
Fast analysis of microscopic metal particles is an important application for engineering (e.g. engine wear analysis). Micro-XRF scanning and spot analysis of specific fragments identifies their chemical composition.
The non-destructive identification of black ink in a tempered document using XGT-9000
μ-XRF is one of the powerful non-destructive analytical technique in forensic science application. Thanks to the elemental mapping and the spectrum search function, XGT-9000 enables to reveal intentional alternation and identify the ink used on a document.
Gun Shot Residue analysis using X-ray fluorescence micro-analysis
Micro-XRF analysis of gun shot residues allows individual microscopic particles to be characterized for elemental composition. In addition, automated element imaging provides high spatial resolution element distribution maps, allowing particle shapes and sizes to be accurately analyzed.
X-ray micro-analysis for pearl characterisation in forensic science
Simultaneous XRF and transmission x-ray imaging provides valuable insight into the composition and structure of pearls. Such information is vital for customs officials, who can quickly determine whether pearls are natural, cultured or imitation.
Fingerprint imaging with micro-XRF
High spatial resolution elemental mapping experiments are demonstrated to provide a useful method of fingerprint analysis in situations where traditional methods struggle. Fingerprints on glossy paper and finely woven fabrics have been chemically treated, and subsequently imaged.
Detection of Explosives with Fluorescence
International terrorism, security concerns, and the remains of forgotten landmines throughout the world have increased interest in detection of explosive materials.
Detection of Trace Evidence
Forensic and Alternate light sources are useful tools to detect both fluorescent and non-fluorescent trace evidence.
Detection of Gun Shot and Explosive Residues
There are several different types of residues found both in ammunition and explosives, which fluoresce. By using a tunable Forensic Light Source, observations can be made on items without touching the surface, to see if fluorescent residues are present.
Bruises, Bite Marks and Pattern Wounds
On some individuals, a tunable or multiple wavelength forensic light source may reveal bruise and patterned wound details that are invisible under normal white light illumination.
Latent Fingerprint Detection
Historically, the primary application of a forensic light source is for enhancing the detection of latent fingerprints. The use of fluorescent enhancement processes that compliment a light source greatly increases the types of surfaces from which a latent fingerprint can be detected.
Detection of Body Fluids with an Alternate Light Source
Since body fluids like semen, saliva, and vaginal fluids are naturally fluorescent, the use of a light source offers a unique method for locating them. A crime scene investigator can narrow down the specific locations of stains for collection instead of testing entire, large pieces of evidence such as a mattress, a carpet, a sheet, an article of clothing, etc. The dried body fluids will actually glow under the light source illumination.


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