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The DeltaPro has taken the complexity of time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) and made it simple and affordable so that any lab can exploit the power of fluorescence dynamics using TCSPC. This system enables the seamless measurement of luminescence lifetimes from picoseconds to 1 second, using our DeltaHub timing electronics.

The DeltaPro takes advantage of interchangeable pulsed laser-diode and LED light-sources. The NanoLED and DeltaDiode range of sources cover discrete emission wavelengths from 250 nm to the near-IR and enables measurement of lifetimes from ps to µs. By simply adding a SpectraLED source to the system, lifetimes of µs to 1 second can be measured. Lifetimes ranging over 11 orders of magnitude measured with one compact system.

The DeltaPro system is modular. The DeltaPro system can easily be upgraded to incorporate motorized devices, such as automated focusing and motorized polarizers through the F-Link spectrometer bus.


  • Filter-based wavelength selection
  • Fast, reliable USB 2.0 interface ensures trouble-free data-transfer to laptop or desktop PC
  • Comprehensive analysis software
  • Detector range is 185 to 650 nm (Optional upgrade to 850 and 900nm)
  • Standard sample holder with magnetic stirrer and temperature sensor
  • Measure rotational correlation times using optional polarizers
  • Full range of DeltaDiode, NanoLED and SpectraLED diode light sources from UV to near-IR available as an option
  • Operation up to 100MHz with DeltaDiode light sources
  • F-Link spectrometer interface for plug-n-play upgrades
  • Measurement modes

    • Lifetime – measure 25ps to 1s
    • Kinetic TCSPC – 1 to 10 000 decays measured sequentially in 1ms to 1min per decay
    • Anisotropy – reconvolution analysis to resolve shorter rotational correlation times

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Minimum Lifetime

25ps with laser diode source*

Shortest measurement time

1 millisecond*

Repetition rates

10kHz - 1MHz with NanoLED, 10kHz - 100MHz with DeltaDiode, 0.1Hz - 10kHz with SpectraLED

Diode controller

DeltaPro-NL: NanoLED and SpectraLED. 
DeltaPro-DD: DeltaDiode and SpectraLED

Prompt FWHM

<200ps FWHM with PPD/TBX and laser diode



Time ranges

10ns - 11s (DeltaPro-DD)

Wavelength selection

Interchangeable filters (not included), monochromators optional

Detector response

250 - 650nm standard, 250 - 850nm and 300 - 900nm optional.

PC interface

USB 2.0.  PC not included.  Requires Windows XP or Windows 7, 32/64-bit English language ver.

System Footprint

75cm x 45cm x 25cm nominal excluding PC

*dependent on sample and system configuration

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