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PTI FelixGX is software for instrument control and control of the accessories including analytical functions for trace manipulation and spectral and kinetic analysis.

Through the powerful ASOC-10 USB interface, PTI FelixGX provides a full set of data acquisition protocols and controls the hardware for all system configurations and operating modes.

PTI FelixGX also comes with the PowerFit-10 – new, powerful analytical toolbox for fluorescence and phosphorescence lifetime analysis.

FelixGX controls:

  • Rep rate of pulsed lamp
  • Monochromators
  • Flipping mirrors switching between different light sources and detectors
  • Motorized slits
  • Motorized triple grating turret
  • Motorized choice of excitation sources
  • Motorized choice of emission detectors
  • Motorized polarizers
  • Motorized sample holders
  • Temperature control Peltier devices
  • Cryostat
  • Gain control of PMT detector
  • Switching from digital to analog mode
  • Full control of broadly tunable Q-switched/OPO laser (Opolette)
  • Control of Tektronix oscilloscope for lifetimes down to 100 ns
  • External devices such as stopped flow or titrator

FelixGX Acquisition Modes

FelixGX also provides several acquisition modes for lifetime, spectral and kinetic measurements:

  • Excitation and Emission spectral scans with user control of integration time, monochromator step, speed and wavelengths
  • Timebased scan with user defined macro-time duration and integration time
  • Timebased polarization with full control of motorized polarizers and automated measurement of G-factor and sample background for all polarizer orientations
  • Excitation and Emission ratiometric measurements
  • Simultaneous multidye measurements with pre-defined library of common fluorescence dyes or customer defined dyes
  • Synchronous scan with excitation and emission monochromators scanning simultaneously with a fixed offset between the two
  • Software switching between digital and analog detection and software PMT gain control in the analog mode
  • Control of strobe detectors and electronics for fluorescence lifetimes
  • Control of TCSPC electronics for fluorescence lifetimes
  • Phosphorescence Decay with user controlled lamp rate and adjustable time window
  • Time-Resolved Emission scans with user control of lamp rate, signal integration time window, number of pulses averaged per wavelength and scan step size
  • Time-Resolved Excitation scans (Xe flash or Q-switched/OPO laser) with user control of lamp rate, signal integration time window, number of pulses averaged per wavelength and scan step size
  • Phosphorescence Time-based scan with user defined macro-time duration, signal integration time window and number of pulses averaged per point
  • Software control of the PMT gain in all acquisition modes

FelixGX provides also some ‘specialty’ calculators, such as:

  • Quantum yield calculator for integrating sphere
  • FRET calculator
  • CIE 1931 and CIE 1976 color coordinates calculator
  • Absorption calculator
  • Single-wall carbon nanotube size calculator

PowerFit-10 Analytical Toolbox

The PowerFit-10 analytical toolbox incorporated into FelixGX provides powerful analytical tools for decay data analysis. All modules of this toolbox Include reconvolution algorithms, selection of data weighing (Poisson or analog), shift and offset parameters, statistical goodness-of-fit parameters (Chi-square, Durbin-Watson, Runs test, residuals and autocorrelation), as well as standard deviations of fit parameters.

PowerFit-10 Modules

  • Multi-exponential (1 to 4 lifetimes) decay
  • Multi-file multi-exponential (1 to 4 lifetimes)
  • Global (1 to 4 lifetimes) analysis
  • Anisotropy decay (free rotor, restricted rotor and other models)
  • Stretched exponential
  • Micelle quenching kinetics (Infelta-Groetzel-Tachiya model)
  • Exponential Series Method (ESM) unconstrained lifetime distribution analysis (up to 200 exp terms)
  • Maximum Entropy Method (MEM) lifetime distribution analysis (up to 200 exp terms)
  • Time-Resolved Spectra (TRES)
  • Decay Associated Spectra (DAS)
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