DuoScan™ Application Examples

Example 1 – Pharmaceutical Tablet

In this example a 12.5 mm by 12.5 mm pharmaceutical tablet is analysed using a DuoScan™ macro-pixel for fast large area mapping – this ensures that the entire surface area of the tablet is analysed, without ‘stepping over’ any small features.  Subsequently high resolution point-by-point mapping using the DuoScan™ piezo controlled mirrors allows a detailed image of microscopic features to be visualised.

Example 1 – Pharmaceutical Tablet

Example 2 – Carbon Nanotubes

Isolated SWCNTs aligned on a Silicon sample. The colors correspond to the integrated intensity of the Si band (red) and of the respective G bands of the CNTs (green and blue).

Example 2 – Carbon Nanotubes

DuoScan™ was used in macro-mapping mode to find the isolated CNTs. A high-definition image of the CNT was then obtained with DuoScan™ in step-by-step micro-mapping mode. The apparent width of the CNT is a convolution of the tube diameter with the laser spot size.

Sample courtesy of Dr Kalbac, Heyrovský Institute, Prague, Czech Republic

Other applications

  • Large area component mapping (contaminant screening, survey scans, etc.)
  • Chemical imaging at sub-micron scale
  • Raman analysis and imaging of photosensitive biological samples
  • Mapping on large and heavy samples that cannot be moved easily
  • Prevention of photodegradation of organic materials when working with UV excitation

Technical Notes

RA-TN01 - Introduction to Raman Imaging

RA-TN04 - DuoScan Imaging