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Multiple Characterizations of a Blister Pack Using the XGT-9000
Multiple Characterizations of a Blister Pack Using the XGT-9000
The XGT-9000 is HORIBA’s new X-ray microscope. Its analytical versatility allows, multiple characterizations to be performed on a blister pack, from mapping of the full pack to particle size measurements of the capsule content.
The Detection of a Low Molecular Weight Enzyme Inhibitor using the OpenPlex™ system
The use of low molecular weight molecules in the industries of drug discovery and agri-food has become increasingly important over the course of a century of drug research and science development in agriculture and in pharmaceutical field.
Particle Size Analysis of Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery
The LA-960 Particle Size Analyzer and SZ-100 Nanoparticle Analyzer may be used to measure the particle size distribution and zeta potential for drug delivery vehicles. These characteristics directly affect bioavailability, dissolution, immunotoxicity, amongst other critical formulation factors.
Analysis of Biopolymers with Laser Diffraction
This application note describes two experiments where laser diffraction proved capable of determining both the base biopolymer nanoparticles and also larger particles outside of the range of DLS.
Investigating photocleavage using time‐resolved emission spectra
The choice of protecting group is of crucial importance in the success of many steps in organic synthesis and the manipulation of polyfunctional molecules, since they can prevent the formation of undesired side products and reactions.