New revolutionary HORIBA Laboratory Management System

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Efficiency, productivity enhancement and clean mobility are primary objectives that unite all HORIBA customers.

HORIBA is aware of the high demand and introduces a laboratory management system with STARS Enterprise, which minimizes manual intervention, maximizes the use of each test cell, and thus significantly relieves laboratory managers from daily routines.

Alex Pressl, HORIBA Global Manager Test Automation Systems, stresses: “We can now add a cutting-edge IT solution to our extensive product and service portfolio that will foster the digital transformation of our industry.”

STARS ENTERPRISE contributes to considerable cost savings, reduced downtime and reduction in overhead. Development engineers prominently profit from immediate and secure access to all test data, as soon as it becomes available.

STARS ENTERPRISE incorporates web and mobile apps on a cloud-based platform. Each app addresses a specific problem in the testing environment and can either work completely autonomous or can be part of a fully integrated system. The system’s open interfaces and modular architecture allow for easy integration of standard and customized devices as well as agile adaptation to specific tailored needs. This permits STARS ENTERPRISE to grow with increasing and changing requirements.

For today’s test laboratories it is most critical that all test cells and devices maintain the highest level of availability as well as measurement accuracy and consistency. Status information and measurement data can be visualized using customized displays. Faults can be indicated for immediate alert, allowing the laboratory personnel to react quickly, avoiding the waste of valuable and costly test time. The app also facilitates remote control from anywhere to any device for quick access and further analysis of a problem, even if the specialist is hundreds of miles away.