Environmental Radiation Monitor "Radi"

Every day, wherever we go, we are exposed to minute amounts of environmental radiation.* This environmental radiation is emitted continuously, day and night, from various objects and substances in the natural world and our living environment.

Most environmental radiation consists of three types: alpha rays (α), beta rays (β) and gamma rays (γ).  HORIBA's PA-1000 "Radi" environmental radiation monitor makes it easy for non-specialists to measure even minute levels of gamma rays.

* Environmental radiation, also known as natural radiation, includes radiation emitted from space, soil, stones, the ground and the air, as well as from manmade objects such as concrete and buildings




Produktionsfirma: HORIBA, Ltd.


  • Easy measurement by Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

  • High performance detection with a CsI (Tl) scintillator
    The Radi can measure radiation levels ranging from normal natural radiation to levels 100 to 200  times that intensity. Even non-specialists will find it easy to measure radiation of 0.001 - 9.999 µSv/h.

  • Splash-resistant construction
    The Radi can be used with confidence even if there are water droplets on the surface.  (JIS water resistance protection grade IPX4)

  • Compact and lightweight (175 g / 6.2 oz)

  • Uses two AA batteries.
    Battery life 50 hours or more (when manganese dry cell batteries are used)


  • For Improvement of the safety and security for the local residents and local communities nearby the nuclear power plants.

Fig. Actual measured air dose rate data at Tokyo using Environmental Radiation Monitor “Radi” PA-1000, after Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster in 2011


  • Simple radioactivity measurement using Environmental Radiation Monitor "Radi" PA-1000



Detection methodScintillation
Type of radiation measuredGamma rays (γ)

Min. 1000 counts per minute (1000 cpm)

for 1 µSv/h

Relative error of indication±10%
Indicator value variationMax. 0.1 coefficient of variation
Energy rangeMore than 150 keV
Energy properties0.5 - 3* (150 keV - 1250 keV)
Effective measurement range and display

0.001 - 9.999 µSv/h

4-digit digital display

(count value converted into µSv/h)
Sampling time60 seconds
Display interval60-second integrated value (moving average) displayed every 10 seconds
External dimensions

68 (W) × 28 (D) × 121 (H) mm

[ Inch size : 2.7 (W) × 1.1 (D) × 4.8 (H) ]
Weight (without batteries)Max. 175 g (6.2 oz)
AccessoriesInstruction manual, two AA dry cell batteries, neck strap

* Relative sensitivity with 1 as the sensitivity to cesium 137 (137Cs) (662 keV).

Note: This unit is designed only to measure the quantity of radiation at the measurement location. It does not determine the safety or danger posed by that quantity of radiation.



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