Biomass Power Generation

Clean Energy as Countermeasures for Climate Change

Biomass power generation is a type of power generation that uses biomass, a renewable biologically derived resource from animals and plants. There are several types of the methods such as a method in which biomass is burned directly, a method in which biomass is roasted at a high temperature to generate pyrolysis gases, and a method which employs biogas generated from fermenting biomass. These methods are attracting attention as power generation methods that can easily reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

HORIBA's Solution & Contribution

HORIBA contributes to solving issues in biomass power generation by providing a wide lineup of analyzers, such as the one that contributes to improving power generation efficiency as well as flue gas treatment systems. We provide the gas analyzer of siloxane which generated from Anaerobic fermentation process.

Example of General Biomass Power Generation Plant

Example of General Biomass Power Generation Plant

Example of Biogas Power Generation Plant

Example of Biogas Power Generation Plant

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