Iron and Steel Production

Iron and steel production is generally divided into three areas.  The 1st area is the blast furnace area, where ironmaking of iron ore, coking coal, and other raw materials is carried out in an integrated manner. The 2nd area is the electric furnace area, where steelmaking and steel products are produced by melting iron and steel scraps and removing impurities. The 3rd area is the special steel furnace area, where high-grade steel with special functionality is produced by adding rare metals, etc. In recent years, due to soaring raw material prices and declining selling prices as a result of demand for steel remaining high, improving profitability through streamlining of manufacturing processes and stable operation has become an issue for the industry.

HORIBA's Solution & Contribution

HORIBA provides solutions that contribute to improving manufacturing process efficiency as well as to the operation and management of flue gas treatment system in addition to continuous pollutant analyzers, which serve an important role in reducing environmental impacts. In the blast furnace area in particular, HORIBA contributes to solving issues in the steel industry by providing various solutions, including unique energy-saving equipment in the steel industry such as coke dry quenching (CDQ) system. We also provide  a continuous temperature management solution for the rolling process.

Example of General Blast Furnace Process

Example of General Blast Furnace Process

Related Applications

Stable measurement even in harsh measurement environments (moisture, temperature, corrosion)

Environmental measures by measuring mass and metal concentrations

Early detection of broken parts in blast furnace cooling pipes                                          

Sensitive and safe temperature control in steel transportation

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