Oil Refinery

In the oil refining process, fuel oil, gasoline, naphtha, and other substances are refined from crude oil. This process utilizes the fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) system, hydrogenation desulfurizing system, and other various incidental facilities for which improved efficiency and process management are required. Against the backdrop of a global tightening of environmental regulations, cleaner fuel refining, such as making gasoline or light oil sulfur-free, is required.

HORIBA's Solution & Contribution

HORIBA provides a wide lineup of analyzers used to improve the efficiency of and to monitor various processes. We contribute to solving issues in the oil refining process by providing explosion-protection-certified analyzers to allow for use even in locations where there is a risk of an explosive atmosphere due to the mixing of an inflammable gas, steam, dust, etc.

Example of General Oil Refinery Process

Example of General Oil Refinery Process

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