Gas Leakage Detection for Various Facilities

Gas Leakage Detection for Various Facilities

For steel manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical plants etc.

Preventing accidents caused by gas leakage is a significant challenge in various production facilities and plants, such as steel manufacturing mills, chemical, petrochemical and other types of facilities. This challenge arises due to the aging of facilities and a decrease in experienced personnel capable of providing safety guidance. 

It is of utmost importance to proactively prevent accidents for the well-being and safety of workers, safety of the surrounding environment and residents, and the stable operations of the plant.

For facility managers who wants to

  • Preform safety inspection before entering the facility site
  • Continuously monitor a wide area where leaked gas tends to retain
  • Confirm if there is any new hazardous areas due to changes in site environment or process conditions

    Solution from HORIBA

    Features of HORIBA's Analyzers for Leakage Detection

    ▷ One analyzer for monitoring multiple sampling points over a wide area

    The switching of multiple sampling points enables the measurement of a wide area with a single analyzer.

    ▷ Excellent maintainability

    Compared to installing many simple sensors, our solution involves only one analyzer. This allows maintenance in a single location, contributing to a reduction of maintenance cost and increased work efficiency.

    The analyzer equipped with automatic calibration function that facilitates daily maintenance.

    ▷ Accurate measurement of gas components across wide range, even at low concentrations

    Due to HORIBA's original Cross-Modulation NDIR technology (refer to Fig. 2) adopted to the ENDA-5000 analyzer, it is capable of performing stable and accurate measurements and detecting concentration changes even at low parts per million levels.

    Figure 1: Gas leakage detection for accident prevention

    Figure 1: Gas leakage detection for accident prevention

    Figure 2: Detector design of Cross-Modulation NDIR

    Figure 2: Detector design of Cross-Modulation NDIR 

    Lineup of Analyzers for Gas Leakage Detection

    We propose the appropriate equipment depending on the site environment, measurement components, and other circumstances.

    Stack Gas Analyzer ENDA-5000 Series


    Analyzers with excellent long-term stability

    Multi-Component Gas Analyzer VA-5000 Series

    Capable of simultaneous measurement of 3 sampling points by 1 unit

    Explosion-proof Gas Analyzer 51 Series

    Explosion proof design for application at petrochemical plant etc.


    • Special gas such as PFAS* leak detection from chemical plants

    *Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances

    • Detection of carbon monoxide (CO) and other toxic gas leaks from each facility such as steel production
    • Detection of toxic gases which required to be monitored under TLV-TWA etc. to comply with occupational exposure standard for safety purpose
    • Detection of leaks for hydrocarbon (HC) combustible gases, including city gas, etc.
    • Greenhouse Gases (CH4, CO2, N2O) leak monitoring

    Figure 3. Analyzer for gas leakage detection

    Measurement Component

    Gas component

    Min. measurement range

    Zero drift / Span drift


    Carbon Monoxide(CO)0-200 ppmFS±2%/weekFS±0.5%
    Carbon Dioxide(CO20-100 ppmFS±2%/weekFS±0.5%
    Methane(CH40-200 ppmFS±2%/weekFS±0.5%
    Propane(C3H80-100 ppmFS±2%/weekFS±1.0%
    Nitric Oxide(NO)0-200 ppmFS±2%/weekFS±0.5%
    Sulfur Dioxide(SO20-200 ppmFS±2%/weekFS±0.5%

    Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

    0-10 ppmFS±4%/dayFS±1.0%

    Please contact us for PFAS and other types of gas not listed in the table above. For propane gas, 51 series of gas analyzer is utilized.

    Dimensional Outline / Internal Disposition

    Figure 4. Example of the system with 12 switching sampling points

    Figure 4. Example of the system with 12 switching sampling points

    Figure 5. Example of internal disposition

    Figure 5. Example of internal disposition

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