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HORIBA Scientific is the world leader in Raman spectroscopy, with a long history in the technique. HORIBA Scientific has pioneered systems for Raman spectroscopy, designing and manufacturing them for over four decades.  The Raman effect allows fast, non-destructive chemical analysis of solids, powders, liquids, and gases – today, Raman spectroscopy is used in many varied fields, from fundamental research through to applied solutions.

We provide complete Raman spectroscopy solutions for analytical measurements, research Raman, UV Raman, QC/QA and industrial Raman applications.  These include Raman microscopes, hybrid Raman systems  (such as Raman-AFM), modular Raman systems, transmission Raman analysers, dedicated in situ process Raman spectrometers, and miniaturised Raman instruments for high volume OEM manufacture. Our Raman spectroscopy instruments are used in universities, research laboratories, and production lines across the world.

50 years of Innovation in Raman

Celebrate 50 years of Raman Imaging and Spectroscopy.

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Nobel Prize of Physics attributed to Arthur Ashkin for invention of optical tweezers!

Did you know you can combine this to your HORIBA Raman microscope! CaptuR is a simple accessory - which can be added to any LabRAM HR system equipped with an open space microscope - allows you to trap micron size particles (such like biological cells, microplastics, minerals), analyze it simultaneously by Raman without downgrading the capabilities of the instrument. Combined with our patented DuoScan, it is even possible to map the cell or particle immobilized in a liquid or gel media.


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Raman Spectrometer - LabRAM Odyssey
MoreRaman Spectrometer - LabRAM Odyssey
Best-in-class Raman Imaging & High Resolution Spectrometer
MoreXploRA™ PLUS
Raman Spectrometer - Confocal Raman Microscope
Raman Spectrometer - MacroRAM™
MoreRaman Spectrometer - MacroRAM™
Affordable Benchtop Raman Spectrometer
MoreRaman Spectrometer - MINI-CCT+
MINI-CCT+ Mini Raman Spectrometer
HE Spectrograph - Raman Spectrometer
MoreHE Spectrograph - Raman Spectrometer
High efficiency dedicated process Raman analyzer for rugged and robust Raman monitoring.
Raman Spectrometers - Raman Fiber Probes
MoreRaman Spectrometers - Raman Fiber Probes
OEM Raman Miniature Probes
MoreOEM Raman Miniature Probes
OEM Miniature Raman Systems and Components
Spectroscopy Solutions – Modular TeraHertz Raman Spectrometer
MoreSpectroscopy Solutions – Modular TeraHertz Raman Spectrometer
Affordable ultra-low frequency Raman spectrometer down to 10 cm-1
Spectrometers - OEM Miniature-Raman Spectrographs
MoreSpectrometers - OEM Miniature-Raman Spectrographs
Complete Range of Miniature Raman Systems and Components for OEM
XploRA INV - Raman Spectrometer
MoreXploRA INV - Raman Spectrometer
Inverted Raman Microscope


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