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GIANT 6000 series
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Multi-Purpose Full Size Inertia-Type Brake Dynamometer

One of the key benefits of the GIANT 6000 series performance test machine is the assurance of long-term integrity and error-free operation of your brake system. The system can equally well be used for final adjustment checks as for quality control. The brake performance test system GIANT 6000 series is a dynamometer capable of testing the tread brake shoe, brake disk and pads and brake equipment under various conditions.

Application Matrix

Suitable to Vehicle Type & Normal SizeApplication Range
Test Sample Type & AdaptationOptimised for Customers
GIANT 6000

F1 Race Cars


Friction u-Characterization
DTV- & BTV-Test
Basic NVH-   Investigation
Drum Brakes
Disc & Caliper
MC-Pherson Corner
Complete Axles Structures
Friction Material Maker
Brake System Maker
Car Maker
Contract Test Laboratory
GIANT  6200Cars
Light Trucks
Medium Trucks
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Segment: Automotive Test Systems
Division: Mechatronics
Base product

 Standard Features

  • Machine frame resting on special vibration insulators. No seismic concrete block required
  • DC motor/generator to accelerate the flywheels and to load the test brake with drag torque
  • Optional AC-Drive
  • Solid state AC/DC power converter, to feed the DC-motor and power the electrical inertia simulation
  • Flywheel set combined with electrical inertia to simulate the kinetic energy of a moving vehicle
  • Braking pressure generator to actuate the test brake with control of pressure/torque/x
  • Measuring systems for speed/pressure/torque/temperature
  • Siemens PLC for basic machine monitoring and controls



  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Test brake fixture with complete wheel suspension
  • Semi-acoustic chamber, for noise investigations
  • Short delivery times
  • Compact design
  • Modular design, prepared to add-in various options
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • High level of simulation quality
  • High level of measurement accuracy
  • Standardized components
  • MS-compatible user interface
  • Use of standardized evaluation software (MSExcelTM, NI DiademTM)



  • Inertia brake rigs are normally used for the dynamic testing of complete vehicle brakes.
  • The brakes can be exposed to either stop brakings, drag brakings or endurance brakings according to international regulations, e.g. AK-Master JASO 436 FMVSS-105 UIC-541.3, with loads and velocities similar to road operation of a complete vehicle.
  • The dynamometer serves for testing hydraulically actuated drum and disc brakes for cars and vans.
  • With some additional options the GIANT 6000 series can be upgraded to run basic NVH tests.





Electrical Inertia Simulation


Mechanical Inertia Range


Dyno Speed


Optional Dyno Speed 


Stop Torque


Drag Torque


GIANT 60005-15015-1200-2800360050001500
GIANT 620010-20020-1600-2400320062501500
GIANT 630020-40040-3200-2000280080002000
GIANT 640050-80080-6400-16002400120002000



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