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Multi-Purpose Full Size Inertia-Type Brake Dynamometer

The GIANT 6000 family of brake dynamometers is a high performance test system that has the ability to test all multi-wheel, road-going vehicles, ranging from passenger vehicles SUV’s to high speed railway applications. 

The GIANT 6000 family can be used to test all aspects of the brake system such as the caliper, disc/drum, brake pad and shoes including different assembly fixtures to help optimize each brake system for use in a vehicle. 

Enabling different disc/drum compounds to be tested under thermal fatigue, friction compounds for emission (dust) production and caliper designs for NVH optimization. 

Division: Mechatronics
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Europe GmbH

 Standard Features

  • Machine frame resting on special vibration insulators. No seismic concrete block required
  • Solid state AC/DC power converter, to feed the DC-motor and power the electrical inertia simulation
  • Flywheel set combined with electrical inertia to simulate the kinetic energy of a moving vehicle
  • HORIBA designed brake actuator to operate the test brake system controlling brake pressure and torque



  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Test brake fixture with complete wheel suspension
  • Semi-acoustic chamber, for noise investigations
  • Short delivery times
  • Compact design
  • Modular design, customer to add on additional options 
  • Robust design to ensure low maintenance requirements 
  • High level of simulation quality
  • High level of measurement accuracy
  • Standardized components
  • Microsoft Office -compatible user interface 
  • Use of standardized evaluation software (MSExcelTM, NI DiademTM)



  • Thermal fatigue testing, integrity tests, friction, judder and NVH investigations
  • Replication of vehicle tests, one-to-one on the dynamometer
  • Customization of brake pressure profiles and cooling profiles
  • Enviromental simulation (temperature, rain, dust/dirt, salt water corrosion testing) 
  • Brake emissions testing
  • HORIBA offers a wide range of additional services, if special test applications are desired, HORIBA has the capabilities to accommodate these requirements


Application Matrix

Type Suitable to Vehicle Type & Normal SizeTest Samples, Assemblies and prossibilities
GIANT 6000F1 Race Cars
Drum brakes
Disc & calipers
MacPherson corner
Complete axles structures 
GIANT 6200 | GIANT 6300 | GIANT 6400Cars
Light to Medium Trucks 
Drum brakes
Disc & calipers
MacPherson strut
Complete axles structures
Wheel load simulations 
GIANT 6500Light Medium and heavy commercial vehiclesDisc & drum brake systems to complete axle and wheel assemblies
GIANT 6600Heavy commercial vehicles to railway applicationsDisc & drum brake systems to complete axle and wheel assemblies 
GIANT 6800High speed railway applicationsDisc / pad and wheel / brake block assemblies 



Electrical Inertia Simulation


Mechanical Inertia Range


Dyno Speed


Stop Torque


Drag Torque


GIANT 62005-24020-1600-2,8006,2502,500
GIANT 630020-40040-3200-2,0008,0002,000
GIANT 640050-80080-6400-1,60012,0002,000
GIANT 650050-2,100150-1,5500-1,20035,0008,200
GIANT 6600100-3,000300-2,4000-1,20035,0008,200
GIANT 6800200-4,000380-2,1300-2,75030,0005,500


Brake Dust Measurement
Brake Dust Measurement
A series of legislative measures has significantly reduced the amount of emissions that is being emitted by internal combustion engines of light and medium-duty vehicles.

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