Measurement of Sulfur and Chlorine in Petroleum Products

The MESA-7220 is based on the latest advances in Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) technology. It utilizes a proprietary X-ray optical technology and produces a polarized, monochromatic X-ray source. This approach is critical for a user to achieve an ultra low noise background for the best limits of detection for sulfur and chlorine. This provides excellent performance at high concentration (multiple wt.% levels), simultaneous multi-element analysis and applicability over a wide range of sample types, and excellent low ppm capabilities.

Segment: Scientific
Division: Elemental Analysis
Base product
Manufacturing Company: Olympus Innov-X

• Simultaneous elemental analysis.
• One calibration – for multiple petroleum matrices over a wide dynamic range.
• Dynamic Analysis Range: Sulfur: 0.7 mg/kg – 10.0 wt% and Chlorine: 0.6 mg/kg – 10.0 wt%
• Various sample types including liquids, solids,pastes, powders, films, and pellets.
• No purge or combustion gases required.
• Correction for oxygen interference that can effect sulfur results significantly in other analyzers.
• User defined measurement times (90 - 600 seconds.)
• Single digit ppm repeatability achieved on low level samples.
• Multiple Calibration Curve capability with easy storage and retrieval for matrix matching.
• Rugged, user serviceable Kapton Windows.
• Multiple external outputs: Printer, serial I/O, USB (2) and network (RJ-45), (2 USB ports, side and back. PS2 connects, ports for mouse and keyboard,ethernet connections.)
• Accurately measures sulfur and chlorine in the presence of moisture.

X-Ray Tube                   Pelletier-cooled, Ag anode X-ray tube; 0-12.5kV; 0-2mA
          Closed-coupled, doubly curved HOPG crystal reflects Ag Ka radiation for optimal excitation of S and Cl.
Si drift Detector            Stable peak positions and spectral resolution (<150 eV) up to an input count rate of 200 kcps.
Dynamic Range            1.0 mg/kg - 10% (wt/wt) - (1 ppm - 100,000 ppm). The sample chamber is under vacuum to enhance sensitivity.
Vacuum Chamber
User replaceable 7.5 mm Kapton window. The detector is also protected by a replaceable safety window between it and the sample cup window.
Sample volume             5 mL
Included Accessories
and Options                  
• Printer
                                       • Keyboard and mouse
Software                        • Create unlimited number of calibrations.
                                       • On screen diagnostics of all operating parameters.
                                       • An intuitive touch screen based, user interface.
                                       • Ability to easily add new functionality.
Requirements               • Nominal input voltage: 120-240 V +/- 10%AC, 50/60Hz, 125W
                                       • Ambient operation temperature: -25˚ C to 40˚ C
                                       • Relative humidity at 25˚ C (77˚F): 0 to 95% Computer
                                       • Simple, touch screen interface with a sealed, field-hardened 8.4” screen (800 x 600 px)
                                       • Password protected, keyboard driven interface for supervisor setup.
                                       • Direct web customer support capability.
                                       • Powerful Pentium processor, embedded Windows OS
                                       • 480 GB hard drive and 500 MB of RAM.
                                       • Multiple USB port connectivity for a mouse and keyboard.
Weight                           • 21kg (45 lbs.)
                                       • Dimensions:  W x D x H: 330 x 508 x 41 mm (13 x 20 x 16 inches)

Size 1.72 MB


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