Pentra DX Nexus

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Product Description

  • Autoloader with continuous loading capability
  • Rack compatibles with most pre and post analytical systems
  • Automatic reflex testing
  • Double DIFF Matrix
  • Body fluids
  • Expert validation station
  • DHSS* technology

 (*HORIBA Medical Patent)

Pentra DX Nexus

  • Methods of measurement: flow cytometry, Cytochemistry, Impedance, absorbance, Optical cytometry and fluoro-flowcytometry
  • QuaDimension concept : automatic correction of the leucocyte count based on 4 independent principles
  • DHSS: focused flow cytometry and sequential measurement (impedance and absorbance)
  • Automatic reflex testing: selective and programmable (hematology parameters, alarms and flags, demography)
  • Rack rotation mixing of samples: smooth and efficient
  • Quality: complete traceability for each run in compliance with the accreditation requirements
Segment: Medical
Division: Hematology
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA ABX SAS

50 parameters
Expert validation station


Weight110 kg
Power supply

100 to 240 V

50 Hz to 60 Hz - 800 VA

Dimensions73 x 120 x 55 (H x W x D) cm
Throughput120 tests/hour
Data processing

Color LCD 12.1 in

5 x USB1, RS232C, Mono and Bi-directional connection

ComplianceASTM protocol



Parameters  (50) WBC, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, PLT, MPV, *PCT, *PDW %, NEU, LYM, MON, EOS, BAS, *ALY, *LIC, *IMM, *IML, *IMG: (% and #), RET (% and #), RETH %, RETM %, RETL %, *IMR %, CRC%, IRF, MRV, *RHCc, MFI, NRBC % NRBC#, *CWBC, *WBC#, *RBC#, *PolyNuc#, *MonoNuc#
*RUO (Research Use Only)

Manual mode: 130 µL
Automatic mode: 200 µL 

StabilityUp to 48 hours for CBC/DIFF
Operating sample modeAutoloader 15 racks (150 tubes) capacity
Continuous feed for 8-racks, 160 slides capacity
Sample mixing with end-over-end rack rotation
Open tube in STAT mode
IdentificationAlphanumeric, Bar-code reader (internal and external)
Automatic 3-line printing on the slide using indelible ink



ParametersPresicion (CV %)Linearity
WBC< 20 - 150 x 103 / mm3
RBC< 20 - 8 x 106 / mm3
HGB< 10 - 24 g/dL
HCT< 20 - 67%
PLT< 50 - 1900 x 103 / mm3
PLT (PLT concentrate) 0 - 2800 x 103 / mm3
LYM< 5--
MON< 10--
NEU< 3--
EOS< 15--
BAS< 20--



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