PoliSpectra® M116 MultiTrack Spectrometer

PoliSpectra Multichannel Spectrometer Optical Layout
PoliSpectra multifiber spectrometer
PoliSpectra multifiber Spectrometer 8-channel Fiber Bundle

Multispectra, Multifiber, Multichannel Imaging spectrometer with 8-16-32 Simultaneous UV-NIR Spectra

HORIBA designs and manufactures a large range of custom OEM fiber-coupled, multi-spectra spectrometers capable of simultaneous measurement of up to 32 fiber channels and sequential measurement up to 96. Utilizing a concentric imaging spectrometer with a broadband spectral range and a customized fiber bundle, the HORIBA OEM multifiber spectrometers provide excellent imaging quality with minimum crosstalk.

The PoliSpectra® MultiTrack systems feature high throughput/ sensitivity and a 2D Scientific back-illuminated CMOS sensor which can be configured with 8,16 or 32 fiber input channels for simultaneous acquisition of UV-NIR spectra.

With an optional nitrogen purge, the system can be configured for low UV coverage. Additionally the high QE sCMOS sensor and an integrated order sorting filter allow wavelength coverage beyond 1 μm.

For OEM Industrial Applications

  • Multitrack Spectroscopy
  • Fluorescence, Emission and Reflectance
  • Some examples from semiconductor applications to life sciences:
    • Quality Control
    • Light Source Calibration Monitoring
    • Plasma Monitoring
    • Blood/DNA Multisampling


*Available in select countries.

You can email OEM Technical Sales at: OEM.US@horiba.com or contact OEM at: +1.732.494.8660 Ext. 7733

Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Scientific

Click here to view M116’s Hyperspectral configuration: H116


  • Simultaneous measurement up to 32 fiber channels with minimal crosstalk
  • Extended UV capability below 200 nm
  • High spectral and spatial resolution combined with high throughput
  • High speed and low noise sCMOS 2048 pixels sensor
  • On-board processing capability using powerful dual-core ARM cortex and 2 GB memory
  • USB 3 Interface
  • Stable and robust


Image of 8-channel Fiber Bundle Illuminated with Hg and Ar Lamp


Throughput Differences and Crosstalk between Input Fiber Channels


Scientific CMOS Back-Illuminated Sensor Quantum Efficiency


Thermal stability study cycling from -20ºC to 50ºC


Hyperspectral Imaging Distortions: Keystone and Smile

View Hyperspectral Imaging Distortions: Keystone and Smile


OEM Spectrometer Selection Guide

View and Download our OEM Spectrometer Selection Guide

You can email OEM Technical Sales at: OEM.US@horiba.com or contact OEM at: +1.732.494.8660 Ext. 7733



Click here to view M116’s Hyperspectral configuration: H116


8-channel Spectrometer Specifications*
Spectral Coverage185 - 1050 nm (extension to low UV with N2 purge)
Tunable at factory between these ranges: 185-920 nm and 280-1050 nm
Spectrometer Input8 channel, φ200 μm core fibers with φ220 μm clad, separated by a φ220 μm dead fiber
Spectral Resolution1.25 nm typical (22 μm slit width) and up, depending on the slit size
Spectral Dispersion34.6 nm/mm; 0.38 nm/pixel
Crosstalk (Adjacent Channel)*< 0.1% (measured @ 600 nm)
Crosstalk (Non-adjacent Channel)*< 0.1% (measured @ 600 nm)
Focal Length116 mm
Smile and Keystone1.5 pixel (typical)
Stray Light***< 0.1% (typical)
Wavelength Accuracy0.1 nm (using 8 channel wavelength calibration)
SoftwareLabVIEW™ acquisition software for initial evaluation (DLLs provided for software integration)


16-channel and 32-channel Spectrometer Specifications
Spectral Coverage185 - 1050 nm (configurable based on customer’s need)
Spectrometer Input16 channel, φ100 μm core fibers with φ110 μm clad
32 channel, φ70 μm core fibers with φ77 μm clad
Spectral Resolution1 nm and up depending on fiber core size
Spectral Dispersion34.6 nm/mm; 0.38 nm/pixel
Focal Length116 mm
Smile and Keystone1.5 pixel (typical)
Stray Light< 0.1% (typical)
Wavelength Accuracy0.1 nm (using 32 channel wavelength calibration)


Specifications for Scientific Back-Illuminated CMOS Image Sensor with High Speed Electronics
Detector Model
sCMOS BI sensor with electronic rolling shutter (all the parameters are specified at
normal room temperature of 25º C unless otherwise noted)
Sensor Format****2048 x 512
CMOS Pixel Size 11 μm x 11 μm
CMOS Height 5.6 mm
CMOS QEThe peak QE is 77% at 250 nm and 95% at 560 nm
Thermoelectric Cooling Uncooled
Frame Rate94 fps (HDR mode), 188 fps (STD mode) on 2D sCMOS sensor
Full Well80 ke¯ typical (HDR mode)
Readout Noise1.6 e¯ typical, 2.0 e¯ maximum
Digitization16-bit (HDR mode), 12-bit (High Sensitivity mode)
Dynamic Range 93.9 dB typical in HDR mode
Non-linearity (measured on each system)1.8% (maximum) in HDR mode<0.9% (maximum) in High Sensitivity mode
Communication USB 3
Environmental Conditions
Operating temperature 15°C to 40°C ambient;
Relative humidity <70% (non-condensing); Storage temperature -25°C to 45°C
Power requirements
AC/DC power supply (provided)
90-264 VAC, 47–63 Hz

* Specifications, form factor, and spectrometer cover subject to change without notice. No LabVIEW license is needed to run our acquisition software.
** Crosstalk (to adjacent channels): the % of signal leaking to the adjacent channels while one channel is on and others are off.
*** Stray light using BP Filter: Baseline light level, outside the band, divided by BP peak (unsaturated) value.
**** See sensor manufacturer’s Blemish / Defect information


Mechanical Drawings

Download Mechanical Drawings

You can email OEM Technical Sales at: OEM.US@horiba.com or contact OEM at: +1.732.494.8660 Ext. 7733

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