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1750 Raman spectra available

HORIBA Scientific collaborates with Bio-Rad to offer the HORIBA Edition of the KnowItAll® Informatics system. This advanced software has an integrated environment for complete spectral searching, analysis and data mining. A seamless link is provided between LabSpec 6 and KnowItAll® - once a spectrum has been acquired, one click will export the data into KnowItAll® and initiate a search. From this point on, the full functionality of KnowItAll® is available for further data mining.

Spectroscopy in 60 Seconds - Know It All HORIBA Edition Video (1:11)

Segment: Scientific
Division: Molecular and Microanalysis
Base product
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS

The HORIBA Edition of KnowItAll® is supplied with HORIBA’s own Raman spectral databases, comprising over 1750 Raman spectra from a wide range of materials, including inorganics, organics and polymers, minerals, bio-minerals, semiconductors and pigments/dyes. Further extensive database with more than 9000 spectra are also available from Bio-Rad.

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The HORIBA Edition of KnowItAll® offers many advanced tools to complement LabSpec 6’s integrated functionality. These include:

  • Database searching with advanced matching algorithms
  • Database creation allowing custom databases to be created and used for searching
  • Mixture analysis to identify multiple components within a single mixture spectrum
  • Functional group analysis with AnalyzeIt™, a module which is used to interrogate spectra or molecular structures based on individual functional groups.  It can be used to understand the origin of a specific peak in a spectrum, or to gain insight into potential peak positions for functional groups within a known molecular structure.
  • Upgradability to HaveItAll Raman extended Raman spectral databases, offering in total over 9,000 spectra from wide material types.
SO-TN-02 Searching Spectral Databases with LabSpec 6
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