Yumizen G Series

My Companions for Hemostasis Diagnostics

As announced during EuroMedLab 2017, we are expanding our commercial offer with new comprehensive range of instruments and reagents in the hemostasis field:

  • Yumizen G1550
  • Yumizen G800
  • Yumizen G400
  • Yumizen G200
  • Yumizen G100
Segment: Medical
Division: Hemostasis

Product Variants

Yumizen G100
More Yumizen G100

Whole Blood Point of Care System

Yumizen G1550
More Yumizen G1550

The Yumizen G1550 automated analyzer meets those daily expectations thanks to its unique features

Yumizen G200
More Yumizen G200

Semi Automated Hemostasis Instrument

Yumizen G400
More Yumizen G400

Semi-automated Hemostasis Instrument

Yumizen G800
More Yumizen G800

Fully Automated Hemostasis Instrument

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