Yumizen T6000

Compact, Evolutive, Optimized Productivity, Safe

The Yumizen T6000 is the innovative HORIBA Medical Laboratory Automated Solution (LAS) specifically developed for our HELO* Solution.

Product Description

  • Fully compatible with laboratory architecture (spaces, walls, columns) due to wide configurations pannel (linear, workcell, angular, island)
  • Compact & suitable configurations
  • Fully evolutive solution: ease to upgrade your solution
Segment: Medical
Division: Hematology
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA ABX SAS
Base product: Peri Analytical
  • Single or multiple loading / unloading areas: ease to absorb important activity peaks
  • Based on innovative pneumatic concept
  • Important buffer capacity: no need of additional module
  • Global visual indicator (3 status light colors)
  • Optimized rack transfer monitoring
  • Emergency racks and samples management
  • Compliant with International safety standard recommendations


Chained analyzers

Yumizen H1500

Yumizen H2500

Yumizen H2500 SPS

Connection capacityFrom 2 to 6 analyzers

Linear (no angle)

Angular (1 angle)

Workcell (2 angles)

Island (both sides)

Rack Conveyor

Loop conveyor with 2 pneumatic turn modules

Conveyor speed: 10m / min
Integrated barcode readers


In accordance with the customer configuration
Accessibility: 50 cm optimal for backspace



Stand-alone Configuration

(optional furniture)

H2500 / H1500 furniture (HWD cm)

90 x 100 x 76
H 2500 SPS furniture (HWD cm)90 x 250 x 76

Chained configuration

(mandatory furniture)

H2500 / H1500 furniture (HWD cm)

90 x 150 x 106

(with its interspace)

H 2500 SPS furniture (HWD cm)

90 x 250 x 106

(if located on right end)

90 x 300 x 106

(if located elsewhere)

Turn-module angle

(HWD cm)

90 x 106 x 106 


Temperature15 to 33° Celsius
Altitude0 to 2500 meters
Humidity< 85%
Noise< 60dB

100 / 110 / 120 / 220 to 240 VAC

50 to 60 Hz

Integrated pneumatic2.1 Bar


Laboratory Automation Systems (LAS) is a multi-disciplinary strategy to research, develop and optimize on technologies in the laboratory that enable new and improved processes.

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