X-ray Fluorescence Analyzers [XRF]

HORIBA’s XGT systems offer high performance energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) analysis with unique capabilities. The patented XGT (X-Ray Guide Tube) technology combines traditional X-ray fluorescence methodology with small spot analysis. High intensity X-ray beams with diameters ranging from 3 mm down to a unique 10 µm offer versatile analysis capabilities. Full qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis is possible, even on individual microscopic particles, whilst mapping analysis provides detailed element distribution images.

Applications benefiting from HORIBA’s X-ray fluorescence technology include forensics, geology, materials, biology/medicine, electronics, archaeology, engine wear analysis, pharmaceutics, and RoHS/ELV compliance testing.

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Webinar: Application of Micro-XRF Spectroscopy

You are invited to register for our free webinar: "The application of micro-XRF spectroscopy."

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XGT 9000 X-ray Analytical Microscope Basic Operation

XGT-9000 Features and Operations Video

The evolution of μXRF! Combination of improved sensitivity and new imaging technology achieved high speed analysis of foreign materials in only one unit.

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Application: Particle Analysis of Film and Battery

The XGT-9000 can detect and determine the composition of foreign particles, and therefore track the source of contamination.

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Application: QC, Counterfeit Products, Presence of Foreign Materials

X-ray Fluorescence photons can be partially absorbed by the encapsulated material and will not show in the spectrum. The X-ray transmission image provides a complete picture.

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Application: QC of Semiconductors which Feature Thin and Narrow Patterns

The combination of microbeam and thickness measurement capability makes the XGT-9000 a useful tool for the QC of semiconductors, which feature thin and narrow patterns. Thickness sensitivity depends on elements traced, but can be at the Angstrom level.

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Application corner

The unique features and high performance of the XGT series has opened up the micro-XRF technique to a wide and varied range of applications where fast and accurate elemental analysis can solve problems and shed light on the complexities of nature.


HORIBA is experts in X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) micro-analysis, and can propose high performance solutions for spatially resolved XRF analysis with analysis spot sizes as low as 10 µm.


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