Fluorolog-QM Enhancement with a Broadly-Tunable OPO Pulsed Laser

The Fluorolog-QM equipped with the optional OPO-based Opolette laser provides the ultimate tool for time-resolved measurements in the microsecond to millisecond time domain for spectral ranges spanning from UV to NIR. The SSTD rapid acquisition mode and seamless software control of the OPO laser wavelengths make these measurements fast and easy. The versatility of the laser and the ability to utilize a broad range of detectors with the SSTD technique make this configuration suitable for diverse applications that include lanthanide material characterization and upconversion, conventional phosphorescence studies, room temperature protein phosphorescence, singlet oxygen detection and many others.

An addition of an optional digital oscilloscope can enhance the temporal resolution of this configuration to fluorescence lifetimes below 10 ns, making this combination an excellent system for comprehensive PL spectra and time-resolved research.

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