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Battery Testing

Turnkey automotive battery testing solutions for research, development and validation

The development and commercialization of Li-ion cells has made batteries a fundamental system component in a range of industries including transportation, stationary energy storage, and consumer electronics. The requirements of these industries place high demands on Li-ion cells, and their associated battery packs, leading to a development process with high levels of characterization, modelling, design, and validation.                  

There are several stages of battery pack development

HORIBA MIRA facility has a wide range of battery testing solutions

First, an optimum cell must be chosen for the application from the large range of chemistries, designs, and sizes. Followed by a design of a control system that must allow for safe, functional, and optimized use of the cells across the useable operating range.

Battery modules and packs must be developed with the required safety and functionality traits. At the same time being optimized for space, weight, and cost.

Thermal management systems must be integrated into packs to maintain optimal performance.

Accurate and computationally efficient simulation models need to be developed to allow for co-design with the system for which the battery is intended.

In brief, these tasks all require testing. Both to acquire the relevant information for development and to validate each stage of integration.

We have a range of experience globally in developing battery testing solutions

A thermal chamber used to run battery test

Our battery testing and partnership facilities around the globe include, but not limited to:


We also have the flexible STARS test automation and STARS Enterprise lab management system. Plus, decades of system integration experience of R&D facilities.

We understand the fast-paced nature of the automotive battery industry

HORIBA MIRA is a facility specializing in battery testing solutions

Strong partnerships with University College London and Queens University Belfast, among others, allow for significant opportunities. These opportunities are within product development and integration of the latest cell technologies, modeling techniques, and testing enhancements.

Furthermore, internal development also ensures continued improvement of our products to meet the latest industry needs.

In combining our testing experience with the experience of developing in-house battery packs and control systems. This enables us to best understand customer challenges and experiences.


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HORIBA FuelCon for Battery Testing and End-of-Line Testing

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