Test equipment reliability is a key part of overall lab efficiency. However, even properly calibrated and maintained systems can face unplanned issues. When problems occur, HORIBA is there to help. It stands by its products and customers with a network of support options to resume operation as quickly as possible to factory standards. 

HORIBA’s highly trained service engineers offer a depth of expertise and factory training to help customers address their issues quickly. Factory help desks are also available to ensure a fast response to customer problems.  

Expert support is readily available when customers experience problems with their HORIBA equipment by contacting a factory help desk and speaking with a trained specialist. Depending on need, these assistants will either resolve the issue immediately, contact an application specialist, or dispatch an experienced service engineer to address the issue and coordinate necessary parts. 

In-house, fully equipped workshops are available at all regional centers with specialized diagnostic and repair equipment operated by factory-trained service engineers.   

HORIBA maintains a goal of rectifying all issues as soon as practical, with parts and labor guaranteed for most products and services. Contact your regional office for full details. 

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