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How to Update a Test Cell for Euro 7 Emissions Regulations

The Euro 7 emissions regulations are still under development, and the specific test equipment required to update a test cell for Euro 7 compliance may vary depending on the final version of the standard and its specific requirements. However, based on the current proposals and discussions, the following test equipment is expected to be essential for Euro 7 compliance.

Overall, updating a test cell to comply with Euro 7 emissions regulations can be a challenging process. It is essential to work with experienced professionals who can guide you through the process and ensure that the test cell meets the Euro 7 requirements.

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Euro 7 Test Equipment For Emissions Measurement

Emission measurement equipment in test cell

The specific Euro 7 test equipment required for compliance has not been officially defined. What can be gathered from the first draft of the proposal is that the emissions of various pollutants, including nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM), ammonia (NH3), and carbon dioxide (CO2) will be measured. Additionally, Euro 7 will require measuring particles to >10nm as opposed to >23nm as it was with Euro 6. Therefore, upgrading or adding exhaust gas analyzers that can measure these pollutants accurately and reliably is likely to be essential.


Motor Exhaust Gas Analyzer:    Improved durability and  maintenance assure  efficient test facility operation, reducing overall test duration and accelerating engine and vehicle development.


Laser Spectroscopic Motor Exhaust Gas Analyzer: Analyzer for real-time measurement of the four relevant nitrogen-containing exhaust gas components NO, NO2, N2O and NH3.


Solid Particle Counting System for 10nm: Can complete engine/vehicle certification testing for PN defined in the latest regulations, which requires complied dilution systems.


FTIR Exhaust Gas Analyzer Direct Measurement Type: Offers a 5Hz sampling rate and simultaneously measure the concentrations of multiple components including NH3, CH4, and CO2, from (engine) direct exhaust gas and diluted exhaust using the FTIR method.


Heated Type THC Analyzer: It can measure direct, CVS/tunnel-diluted, and evaporative-emission samples. Available for exhaust gas, while mainly used for evaporative testing in a SHED. Can test 14 selectable ranges and features to easily monitor test data.


Ultrasonic Exhaust Flow Meter:      Real-time Measurement of Vehicle / Engine Exhaust Flow. Employs an ultrasonic method for measuring exhaust gas flow rates directly from a vehicle or engine. Can be used for various applications.

On board systems for RDE measurement

In addition to the equipment required for compliance with Euro 7 within the lab and test cell, the future regulation will also focus mainly on real-world driving emissions (RDE). The focal point being on the reduction of emissions under real world driving conditions. Hence, the importance of our on-board emissions measurement systems, the OBS-ONE with different configurations to meet the specific requirements.


On-board Emissions Measurement System:  Portable Emissions Measurement System designed for engine/vehicle certification under real road conditions. Measures concentrations of emissions (CO, CO2, THC, NOx, NO2).


On-board Emissions Measurement System: An on-board emissions measurement system for analyzing the solid particle number concentration within the specified particle size range under real-world driving conditions.


On-board NH3/N2O Measurement System for real-world driving: An on-board emissions measurement system for analyzing the NH3/N2O under real-world driving conditions and supports our customer’s future regulatory development.

New PEMS to meet new Euro 7 legislation

HORIBA QCL-IR (Quantum Cascade Laser Infrared Spectroscopy) Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) is designed for on-board measurement in light-, heavy-duty and non-road-mobile-machinery. In response to the emphasis on on-road RDE (Real Driving Emissions) measurement in the Euro 7 legislation proposal.

HORIBA leverages its extensive PEMS expertise to deliver a compact, user-friendly, robust, and precise system capable of measuring up to eight (CO, CO2, NO, NO2, NH3, N2O, HCHO and CH4) components simultaneously. The system incorporates HORIBA's proprietary Infrared Laser Absorption Modulation (IRLAM™) technology. Additionally, it includes a FID for total hydrocarbon measurement.

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Euro 7 Test Equipment For Brakes

Brake Test Systems

Furthermore, the Euro 7 proposal will limit the emissions from the vehicle's brake system. In this case, when the brakes are activated, the friction emits airborne particulates that can cause harm. Accordingly, we offer solutions to measure those particulates to ensure adherence to the Euro 7 emission standards.

Download Brake Dust Measurement Brochure

Brake Dust Measurement

Allows the continuous use of existing third-party brake dynamometer. This stand-alone solution consists of a dynamometer upgrade kit, particle measurement equipment, and the STARS Brake software.

Ideal for LDV, MDV and HDV

A multi-purpose, full-size inertia brake dynamometer for performance and NVH tests of brake systems from passenger vehicles to truck brakes and commercial vehicles. Can be designed to fit the requirements of our customers.

Squeal Rig Solution & NVH testing

Test brake fixtures could be tested with a complete wheel suspension system. In a semi acoustic chamber NVH tests could be realized and drum brakes and disc brakes including the vehicle axle could be tested.  

Automation Software For Euro 7 Test Cells, Facilities, and Equipment

STARS Automation

Our traditional automation tool focuses on automating processes aligned with regulations and historical best practice. The platform is built on an open and adaptable platform to ensure a safe, efficient, optimized, and integrated testing experience. Additionally, STARS Automation products provide solutions to automate a wide range of test bed types for vehicle, engine, powertrain, e-motor, brake, and component testing.


Vehicle Emission Test System application for chassis, engine, and powertrain dynamometers. The application provides test cycle execution, emissions equipment control, results calculation and reporting in compliance with the different legislative standards throughout the global regions.



Heavy-Duty Engine Emission Test application. It provides efficient test cycle execution, emissions equipment control, results calculation and reporting, in compliance with different legislative standards. Its flexible design offers a wide range of customization while addressing the various requirements for R&D.


Brake Testing Automation System, data acquisition, and control system platform that provides a comprehensive application functionality in a single, powerful environment. It is designed to address the needs of a wide range of brake testing applications from component development to final component and system validation.

STARS Enterprise

A completely new generation of software, consisting of innovative web and mobile apps in a cloud-based platform. It enables you to seamlessly and completely integrate all your measurement systems, test beds and specimens, as well as on-board systems in the laboratory or in mobile road tests.

Visit the STARS Enterprise page for more information


Facility and asset management system that helps lab managers optimize the output of their test cells. The system brings attention to any irregularities, allowing for the necessary intervention to ensure all devices function as intended.

Intelligent Lab

Toolset enhances and redefines laboratory-based workflows. Allows existing laboratory equipment to be combined with advanced technologies as part of a user-friendly software. Helps accelerate system, product, and vehicle development workflows.

Automation Equipment

Robotic automation that simulates the driver in a chassis vehicle test cell and enables test repeatability. It can be used in a wide variety of chassis and vehicle test cells to reduce human error and provides accurate testing results.

Visit the ADS EVO page for more information


Automatic Driving System: The ADS EVO ensures accurate and repeatable global test cycles on chassis dynamometers. Is compatible with environment resistance specifications including high and low temperatures ranging from -40-80º C.


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In brief, there are many layers within the Euro 7 proposal to uncover and understand. Therefore, our specialists are following closely all the latest developments and customizing solutions to meet our customers' needs. 

Lastly, we offer services to help reduce the burden of upgrading a test cell, as well as training personnel responsible for operating and maintaining the new equipment.

Engineering Consultancy and Test

We provide access to comprehensive engineering consultancy and testing, as well as a complete range of chassis, powertrain, e-machine, battery and engine test facilities for light-duty and heavy-duty applications. 

Service Lifecycle Management - Training

Customized training programs are designed by experienced equipment specialists and tailored to fit customer needs. They can include product specific training, user training, and advanced training (trouble shooting and maintenance).

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