The reliability of test equipment is key to overall lab efficiency, but even properly calibrated and maintained systems can face unplanned issues. HORIBA stands by its products and its customers with a network of support and warranty options to help them resume operation as quickly as possible.

Part of what makes HORIBA’s level of service and fast response time possible is that nearly all of the components in its measurement systems, down to the detectors in its emissions analyzers, are designed and manufactured in its own factories. This allows for excellent support and responsiveness. Application specialists are also available to ensure customer satisfaction, even after commissioning is completed. 

Most HORIBA systems are sold with a twelve-month parts and labor warranty as part of the initial purchase. See warranty details  and extension options provided by your regional office at time of purchase. In the event of a part failure or update, factory notifications are communicated by regional service centers. Rectification of failure points are proposed to customers when the equipment is within its usable lifetime. This applies to defect part replacement only, not consumable parts. 

All HORIBA systems are designed with industry-leading accuracy, reliability, and robustness. These qualities help our customers reduce the number of necessary tests, unplanned downtime, and maintain optimal efficiency.

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